6 Places In North America You Would Never Want To Miss For Holiday Horse Riding Tours

Have you ever considered taking a riding vacation for horseback riders? A journey involving horseback riding in a different setting. It's a rare chance to discover a new place with your favorite four-legged buddies while on a horseback riding vacation trip.

It may seem strange to spend a vacation riding horses around a foreign country, but horseback riding vacations are becoming more common as a distinctive and different way to experience a region's countryside or coastline or as a chance to discover something new while traveling. From Texas horseback and cross-country riding excursions to ranch vacations that showcase a bit of the cowboy way of life, Horseback riding vacations are fascinating because they combine learning new skills with adventure and closeness to nature.

Horseback Riding Holidays in North America

Even though certain horseback riding vacations are more pleasurable if you have prior equestrian experience, there are numerous options available today that are perfect for novices, offering a combination of indoor lessons and accompanied outings.

North American countries frequently provide beginner-friendly horseback riding terrain as well as more laid-back horseback riding vacation packages that are perfect for families or individuals just getting started.

When it comes to horseback riding vacations, there is something available for everyone, whether you're interested in learning how to dressage, getting an opportunity to live and work on a cattle ranch, or just wanting a more sustainable way to explore rural towns and villages. For individuals who are interested in every aspect of horse riding as well as exploring new places, several programs enable you to train on a farm while learning about equine care and horsemanship.

For travelers, both experts and novices, horseback riding provides a world of enjoyable and wonderful activities.

A horseback tour can take you over rugged terrain that you couldn't see on a hike. A beach's fine sands, for instance, or other familiar surroundings could be freshly revealed to you.

Check out these great horseback riding spots in North America if you're an experienced rider or just curious to attempt this unusual hobby.

Here Are 6 Great Locations For Horse Riding Holidays In North America

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Vacations on horses in Arizona's Grand Canyon National Park are a fantastic way to see this enormous area. No matter how long the ride, the rewards are well worth it: kind animals, amiable guides, and trails with breathtaking views.

Because of the high temperatures and dry air throughout most of the year, exploring it might be challenging. This possibility is provided by several tour operators at quite affordable prices. Some of them even offer multi-day hikes that will make you feel like a real cowboy.

Banff, Canada

It comes as no surprise that riders compete fiercely for the opportunity to ride in Banff, the obvious king of Canada's national parks.

When you gaze upon the majestic panorama of the Canadian Rockies, it's impossible not to get overwhelmed. Also, you will have the chance to explore parts of the park's wildness that are pleasantly devoid of people.

If you want to unwind and get away from the bustle of city life, Banff is the ideal location for a mountain retreat. Exploring the area on horseback allows you to see it in the same way that many of Canada's early explorers did, which is a calming pastime that the whole family will enjoy. With the assistance of knowledgeable guides, navigate the challenging terrain of Banff and discover more about its history while taking in the unrivaled vistas of the Bow and Spray Rivers.

California, USA

Going on a horseback riding vacation in California is fantastic because the majority of its trails are appropriate for riders of all skill levels, and the programs frequently incorporate entertaining yet leisurely and less physically demanding activities, making California the perfect place to go on a horseback riding holiday. The entire family, including the little ones, can enjoy this getaway.

You can gallop along California's breathtaking beaches, including Malibu Lagoon State Beach and Pismo State Beach, if you're an experienced rider looking for a challenge.

You can engage in a wide variety of outdoor activities in Healdsburg, many of which involve wine. Wine and biking, wine and hiking, or wine and horseback riding are all options.

The most well-known excursion takes place in Dry Creek Valley, where you may ride along rows of vineyards, take in the scenery from Overlook Peak, and explore a redwood grove.

Big Sky, Montana

For many Montanans, riding horses is a regular part of life. There are numerous dude ranches and working ranches in the state that invite curious visitors to get a firsthand glimpse of cowboy life.

At dude ranches, horses are the main attraction. Riding through expansive fields with snow-capped peaks towering in the distance is possible in Big Sky Country. Rides through the forest, which frequently cross rivers and streams, should not be avoided.

Big Sky is a haven for equestrians. In Big Sky, horseback riding trips can be taken for a half day, a full day, or even overnight. The best wilderness experience might be spending a few hours on the saddle with a reliable horse and an expert wrangler. You must add horseback riding through this mind-blowing environment to your bucket list.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Cowboy culture is not exclusive to the United States. Though taking a pleasant horseback tour to visit this magnificent region makes sense a lot.  Go to the state of Jalisco, where ranchos are commonplace alongside tequila, mariachis, and stunning beaches. You will go via Puerto Vallarta along the Sierra Madre Mountains' beautiful foothills. For a beautiful beach ride, you might also travel to adjacent villages like Sayulita.  In the region, Rancho el Charro is regarded as one of the best.

Denton, Texas

No other state has more horses than Texas. The Dallas-Fort Worth Metro Area's little town of Denton has more than any other location in Texas. Even "the Equine Mecca of Texas" has been used to describe it.

Although many of the horses in this area are racehorses and are cared for as such, there are also a lot of working ranches that offer lessons and tours. There are many kid-friendly summer camps in the area if you want to stay a while. Favorite locations include the family-friendly RNR Stables and Marshall Creek Ranch, which has over 39 trails.


A horseback riding vacation is a fantastic opportunity to combine sightseeing with learning a new skill, whether you're hoping to unleash your inner cowboy or just want to have a unique experience touring the rural Northern American countryside. Holiday trips on horseback are growing in popularity anywhere you want to go. You will return from your trip with newfound riding skills and knowledge as well as fond recollections of your time spent touring.

Having gone through this, we hope you've been enlightened on the best places for horseback riding holidays in North America. Booking these life-changing tours has now been easier than ever, all you need to do is visit our website at House Tour Club.