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Horseback riding holidays in Romania allows visitors to discover the folklore, mysteries, traditions, and spooky legends of Transylvania and this relic country.
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Horse Riding Holidays in Romania

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About Romania

Forever famous for being the home of Dracula, thanks to the writing of Bram Stoker, Romania is perhaps Europe’s best kept secret. Known for its small traditional farming, this land is a glimpse into a time of slow, peaceful living before the development of today’s hustle and bustle.

Romania: A Tapestry of Folklore and Magic

Romania has a rich historical relationship with horses. Locals still use horses for daily labor tasks, such as plowing fields and pulling wagons of hay and logs from the forests. During your horse-riding holiday in Romania, you will get to indulge in the local home-grown food and enjoy their tradition of hospitality. At night, lay beneath the inky, star-freckled sky, in a land entirely unaffected by light pollution.

Romania is home to interesting wildlife, including bears, boar, and deer. Enjoy a canter along Roman and medieval roads and passed crumbled fortresses and castle ruins. The landscape includes the rugged Transylvanian Alps, magical forests, and meadows that look like they were plucked from a fantasy world.

Horseback riding offers a slowed-down unique blend of the mystery and generous terrain of this tranquil country.

Horse Tours Club

Horse Tours Club offers multi-day horseback riding tours in Romania from verified organizers. We offer summer and winter horse riding vacations. Horse Tours Club offers tours without markups.

Our Tours

One of our tours is perfect for those wishing to surround themselves in Romanian culture. This trip takes riders through the lush meadows and enchanted forests of the Carpathian Mountains. Ranging from 500 to 1000 meters in altitude, the stunning views will take your breath away. Occasionally, we will encounter bear and wolf tracks. This weeklong course involves a three-day ride in the saddle, where we return to the guesthouse to savor local, home-grown dishes. This trip also includes a two-day camping trip in which we will travel into the forests before arriving in a mountain village. Discover an authentic way of living with no electricity or running water. A truly off-grid riding holiday for those needing a break from the modern world’s demands. With the knowledge of Romanian guides, this tour takes a deep dive into the mysterious history and culture of this country.

Another tour we offer is a trail ride through Transylvania. We begin at the foot of the Carpathians, in Sinca Noua, before we trek across the Olt Valley. Here, we can soak in the rolling Transylvania hills. Trot along grass trails, across charming pastures, and through forests, accompanied by the abundance of birdlife. Unplug, and traverse into a world frozen in time with no powerlines, a scattering of horse-carriages and the remains of 800-year-old Saxon churches. Enjoy a traditional, authentic accommodation experience by overnighting with local families in small villages such as in 300-year-old homes and rustic manors.

If you’re a looking for a winter wonderland adventure, we offer such trails for you. Saddle up and cross snow-covered meadows, hills, and forests while clouds of powder snow billow around us in our wake. Reveal the legends of Transylvania by exploring Bran Castle, and Dracula Castle. Meander into the city of Brasov to experience the culture and lives of the Transylvanian Saxons. Visit the Black Church and its surrounding medieval town. Relax in the evenings by the warm, crackling fire, and sip a variety of Romanian wines and brandies. This tour runs during the prime winter months of January and February.

The above tours are suited to more competent riders, and we cover between 20 and 30 kilometers daily. We combine walking, trotting, and cantering over a six to seven-hour riding day. However, we do offer tours more compatible with beginner equestrians.

For those looking to treat themselves to some luxury, we offer trips in which we taste the culinary delights, fine wines, and liqueurs of the Carpathian Mountains. With easy riding days of 2-4 hours, trot through ancient meadows and pristine pastures dotted in archaic monasteries. We offer excursions throughout the tour such as to the fortified church of Viscri, which is in the medieval Saxon town of Sighisoara. It is famous for being the only inhabited citadel in Europe. Travel through a 500-hectare conservation farm in Cobor. Here, we enjoy a gourmet dinner with ingredients sourced from the immediate land. Another afternoon involves a light walk through the gorge of Piatra Craiului National Park. Visit forests where you may encounter brown bear. You can also watch the sun transform the sky into a painting of fiery hues in the evening from Magurici hill. This tour is a great option for beginner riders.

To learn more about our horseback trail riding tours in Romania and to book one, please explore our catalog.

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