Take a horseback riding journey in a place filled with quaint mountain villages, picturesque valleys, flowing rivers, and, of course, spectacular views. On your vacation to Georgia, you can visit places such as the country’s capital, Tbilisi, Vashlovani National Park, and the Caucasus Mountains.

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Equestrian History in Georgia

In ancient times, the country of Georgia was one of the first to develop horse-related military and civil activities. Archeological findings verify that horses were even worshipped. 

The small country relied heavily on horses during times of danger, but the animals weren’t only used to defend the country. Georgia has a long history of equestrian games. Along with entertaining, these games produced many well-trained horses and riders, which kept the people and animals in tip-top shape during peacetime.

Georgian Horse Breeds

Because of Georgia’s varied landscape, breeds from the area have developed to be tough and able to adapt to intense variations in vegetation and footing. 

The Megrel breed, also known as Megrelakaya, Megruli, or Mingrelian, comes from the Kolchida region in western Georgia. Megrels are the smallest of the Caucasian horses. Historically, the breed was used as a packhorse and for agriculture work, and while they are still used for those, they also participate in racing and equestrian games.

The Tushin horse, also known as the Tushetian horse, is another breed native to Georgia. This one comes from the eastern region of the country. It is a rare breed that’s tough and hardy. These horses are good with cattle and with covering long distances. They have a calm and obedient temperament.

Your Horse Riding Adventure in Georgia

There are many options available for horseback riding in Georgia. No matter your experience level, we have options for you from beginner to expert.

You can start your travels by exploring Tusheti. Travel from Tbilisi to this beautiful region, home to Tusheti National Park and one of the most ecologically unspoiled places in the Caucasus. You’ll be able to visit villages such as Shenako, where you can immerse yourself in the local culture. Take mountain trail rides to Sanare Pass and explore Dartlo, another village that looks like it’s straight out of a fairytale with its stone towers and houses. You’ll also be able to trot through beautiful valleys and rivers and camp in the spectacular scenery.

Or you can take your adventure to Vashlovani National Park, which is in the eastern part of Georgia. The park was established in 1935 to preserve the distinct shallow forests. The park has a dry climate with badland-like areas of desert and deciduous forests. It’s home to the “Sharp Walls”, which are great canyon cliffs, and the Alazani River. While you’re in the park, you’ll be able to see some of the rare flora and fauna of the area, including the 62 species of mammals and 135 species of birds.

You can also visit the Khevsureti region, a historical-ethnographic area in the eastern part of Georgia, home to small river valleys such as Migmakhevi, Shatili, Arkhoti, and the Aragvi. In the historic highland village of Shatili located in the Arghuni gorge, a unique complex of medieval to early modern fortresses made of stone and mortar rest. These structures were used for both residential purposes and as fortifications guarding the northeastern part of the country.

Spend a couple of days exploring the beautiful Pankisi Valley on an easy trail ride. This area is known for its biodiversity, ethnic blend, and cultural richness. Here you’ll be able to enjoy the scenic banks of the Alazani River and the vistas of Tbathana.

Lagodekhi National Park is another great place to visit for your trip to Georgia. This area, also known as Lagodekhi Protected Areas, is actually two areas in the Kakheti district in northeastern Georgia on the southern face of the Caucasus and bordered by Azerbaijan and Russia. This park was originally protected by the Russian Empire. It holds major rivers like the Ninoskhevi and the Shromiskhevi. At higher elevations, there are glacial lakes like Black Cliff Lake, which is the largest of the glacial lakes in the area. When you visit this national park, you’ll traverse mountain ridges, admire gorgeous plant life, and visit Black Rock Lake where you’ll be able to take in some stunning views.

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