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About Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is widely known for its stunning landscapes with breathtaking mountain views, crystal-clear lakes, and waterfalls. It is also a natural gem for lovers of horse riding tours.  Kyrgyzstan is exactly the perfect place on the Earth for both professional equestrian athletes and beginner riders who just take their first steps in this exciting activity. No matter if equestrian trekking is your favorite hobby or something much bigger, you will find the best destinations and horse riding trips in Kyrgyzstan on our website.

Why Horseback Riding in Kyrgyzstan?

A lot of equestrian lovers from many countries choose horse riding in Kyrgyzstan as it brings an unforgettable experience and pure joy. Since this country has more than 80% of its territory covered by mountain ranges, horse trekking in Kyrgyzstan is often referred to as the most common type of outdoor activity (and it brings the chance to admire the beautiful scenery of wildlife from an unusual angle). Just book your horse riding travel in Kyrgyzstan and enjoy the incredible natural landscapes with their rolling hills and stunning alpine meadows. And we're pretty sure it will make you fall in love with this land literally at first sight.

Horse riding in Kyrgyzstan also brings travelers a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the authentic and multifaceted local culture of that part of Central Asia. The country has a rich nomadic heritage and horse trekking tours in this scenic area often include visits to traditional villages and nomadic yurt camps to experience the hospitality of local communities, their history, and their great cultural legacy.

Finally, another reason to book an equestrian tour in Kyrgyzstan is the highly developed horseback riding infrastructure of this country. The numerous local tour providers make everything possible to bring you a really great experience at every single step of the journey. Check the offers on our platform and make sure that horse riding tours in Kyrgyzstan are absolutely available for everyone.

The Best Destinations for Horse Riding Vacations in Kyrgyzstan

Looking for a beautiful destination for your next Kyrgyzstan horse trek? Our team is excited to provide the most iconic routes for horse riding. Bishkek, Heights of Alay Valley, Issyk-Kul, lakes Kol-Ukok and Song-Kul – here are just a few horseback riding destinations that will impress you with their divine majesty and natural beauty as well. And one of the biggest advantages here is the fact you can spend unforgettable horse riding holidays in Kyrgyzstan almost any season long.

Note you can choose any level of difficulty by planning horse riding tours in Kyrgyzstan with our online platform, as we have a lot of offers for both pros and beginners. No matter which size of group you prefer to spend horseback trekking vacations in, you always can find a lot of options on this page.

Plan Your Horse Riding Holidays in Kyrgyzstan with Our Team

As a squad of passionate equestrian enthusiasts, Horse Tours Club has collected the most interesting offers from verified providers and tour operators. Ready to book a long-awaited vacation in Kyrgyzstan? Make some time to check the currently available tours and destinations, read all the details, and book your travel online from everywhere in the world. Please note: by purchasing horse riding trips in Kyrgyzstan on our platform, you always buy it directly from a provider with zero commissions and extra charges.

Got any questions? Contact us, and we will gladly help to plan a perfect horse trip in Kyrgyzstan for you and your favorite travel buddies.

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June, July, August
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International Airports
Manas International Airport (FRU), Osh Airport (OSS), Issyk-Kul International Airport (IKU)