Horse Riding Holidays in Serbia From Trusted Organizers
Serbia is a landlocked country in the Balkans. Its untouched land is lavish in contrast and an abundant of cultures. Horseback riding in Serbia is the perfect way to slow down and indulge in the country’s stunning natural landscape.
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About Serbia

Serbia: A Rich Natural and Historical Landscape

Central Serbia is home to rolling hills, orchards, and meadows. The north teems with luscious lowlands. While the south is known for sharp mountains, canyons, and woodland. This land is dotted in magical water springs and enchanted forests, and a wide variety of animal species. Horse trekking through the Serbian countryside offers travelers an intimate view of these beautiful natural spaces.

To make the most of Serbia’s warm weather and lush scenery, the best time to go horseback riding is between May and October. The winters can be quite cold!

Don’t forget to pack a camera for the mountain views. These peaks can reach 2500 meters tall.

Scattered in archaeological landmarks from the Stone Age to the medieval period, horseback riding through this land will truly take you back in time. Serbians are known for their warm, welcoming nature. Home cooking for guests is a deeply rooted, and ancient tradition that you will get to enjoy as part of your horse-riding experience. Some homemade specialties include wheat schnapps, cheese, and grilled vegetable dishes.

Horse Tours Club

Horse Tours Club offers multi-day horseback riding tours in Serbia from verified organizers. The tours cater to all levels of horse riding experience.

Our Tours

Our guided trail tours provide an immediate, genuine encounter with the Serbian countryside. We provide a range of tours in different locations within Serbia to suit your vacation’s schedule, and your interests.

One tour we offer is a dive into the Sumadija region, an area central of the country known for its plentiful woodland. It’s a true taste of archaic history. The tour begins with a drive to the Polven Mountains, where we spend our first night in the village of Taor, a settlement from the Bronze Ages. The next morning, we climb aboard our four-legged companions, who we became friends with the night before, and begin our journey. The trail takes riders through Divčibare, a famous ski region in the heart of the mountain range of Maljen. We then move into the silence and wide expanse of Rajac, then the village of Kostunici. After this historical mountain village, we return to the Dinaric Alps, and arrive in another village of Gostoljublje, before returning to Taor to conclude the riding holiday. This tour is full of breath-taking mountain ranges, sheer ravines, lakes, and villages riddled with legend.

Another tour we offer begins in the same mountain town of Taor, before we head to Kostojevići via raspberry fields, meadows, and tight-knit forests. Enjoy a trip along the timeless Drina River which is rich in history, having bordered various warring cultures and empires. Continue your outdoor adventure with a gallop through the Tara National Park, known for its vibrant forests, unique wildlife, and archaeological wonder. On our return to Taor, we will travel through Se č a Rek, a land of valleys and mountains.

We also offer tours from a gorgeous estate in Kamenica, in the heart of the Schumadija.

A horseback riding holiday in Serbia is the perfect way to get a taste of the true essence of this ancient world.

Book an equestrian trip through our website to truly enjoy the “slow living” authentic Serbian experience.

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