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Horseback riding offers tourists and locals an intimate opportunity to see and savor the land, the culture, and the history of Hungary.
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Horse Riding Holidays in Hungary

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About Hungary

Hungary is a landlocked country in central Europe that is rich in ancient and modern history. It has rolling mountains, endless prairie plains, and the Tisza and Danube Rivers. Horseback riding in Hungary is one of the best ways to take in all the stunning natural scenery that the country has to offer. 

Hungarian Horses and History

Hungarians have a fond, ancient relationship with their horses. These powerful, yet gentle animals have been used to help with agriculture and the transport goods for centuries. Seven tribes of horsemen even founded the country. Horse riding is a very human experience and connects us to our ancestors, who used these beautiful animals to travel, to move goods, and to explore the world.

Horse Tours Club

Travel and vacations are about making the most special memories. Horse Tours Club offers multi-day horseback riding tours in Hungary from verified organizers that are truly a once in a lifetime trip. These riding tours cover about 34-35 kilometers per day, and you can choose a date for your tour from our catalog.

Our Tours

One of the tours we offer takes riders from the floodplains of the river Tisza to the rolling sand dunes of the Kiskunság region, through to the evergreen woods of Bugac. Next, we travel to the Great Hungarian Plain, where we then ride to the Danube River. This final stop allows riders an opportunity to delight in the panoramic view of the saline-alkaline desert.

Another tour we offer guides riders to the Tural Statue, the Cummunian mounds in the meadow. We then ride through protected fauna to the Hungarian Grey Cattle herd to see calves and bulls and a mighty view of the great steppes. We then ride to the Feszty Panorama Picture, which is a painting of the ancient Hungarian invasion of the Carpathian Basin. The painting is at the National History Memorial Park. Finally, riders will go through the tight-knit forest on a flood plain, and cross the Tisza River via ferry, before riding back to Ópusztaszer.

The horse breed, Akhal Teke, will take us on these incredible adventures. Deeply connected to the history of Hungary, Hungarian Conquerors used these horses to traverse great landscapes, and they are famous for being comfortable to ride.

We pride ourselves in our safety and service, expert guides, authentic, historic accommodation, and an excellent programme of sights and locations, which are all essential components for an amazing riding holiday.

Use our website to book a memorable and breath-taking horse-riding experience.

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