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Horse riding holidays in Finland are the perfect way to experience the land, as you can see much more than you could on foot or in a vehicle. Horse Tours Club offers horseback tours in Finland perfect for your equestrian vacation.
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About Finland

Finland is truly a unique place for horseback riding. With miles of untouched wilderness, phenomena like the northern lights or the midnight sun, and thousands of lakes, this country promises a trip you won’t ever forget.

Finnish Weather

As one of the northernmost countries in the world, Finland has quite a varied climate with warm summers and cold winters.

In the south near the country’s capital, Helsinki, the weather is warmer with snow typically only covering the area from late December to late March, while the northern part of the country is much colder with snow cover from late November to April.

Between September and March, the northern lights are aglow. In northern Lapland, you can see the Aurora Borealis just about every other clear night, but in southern Finland, you can only see the lights about 10-20 nights a year. In contrast, in the summer, some of Finland experiences the Midnight Sun, a marvel where the sun does not set. Most of Lapland is above the Arctic Circle, and the farther north, the more sun this area experiences.

Most of our tours are offered in the summer, but for those who love a snowy expedition, we also provide tours in the winter.

Finnish Culture

The sauna is a large part of Finnish culture. The dry steam bath is widespread throughout the country, with many people owning their own sauna or having access to one.

Finnish sauna culture is recorded on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists. You’ll certainly want to experience this tradition when you travel to Finland.

Because so much of the country is uninhabited, Finnish people have a love for the outdoors. They appreciate hiking, camping, and berry picking in particular.

Since Finns have a shorter summer than many places, they make the most of the nice weather and the long hours of sunlight by spending time out in nature. One of the best ways to get out in nature is horse riding.

Horse Riding Holidays in Finland

Horseback riding in Finland is the perfect adventure for horse lovers and explorers.

You’ll be able to see the gorgeous landscape in Lapland. As you ride through green forests, past crystal-clear lakes, and over magnificent mountains and hills, you’ll feel truly at one with the natural world. Experienced guides will take your group through the wilderness where you can breathe in what many consider the cleanest air on earth.

You can even take it a step further in your adventure by taking a multi-day tour. On this expedition, you’ll take care of your horse and spend nights in tents or remote cabins without electricity or running water.

At the start of your trip, you’ll meet the lovely Finnhorse, also called the Finnish Horse. This native breed is easy-to-handle and versatile. It mixes strength, agility, speed, and endurance. These horses have a reliable and alert temperament, and they will be great companions to you as you journey through Finland.

Spend days discovering the scenery of places like Levi, a fell in Lapland that holds the largest ski resort in Finland. Enjoy the views of this beautiful area and relax in a sauna at the end of your trip.

This scenic country has a lot to offer, and a horse riding holiday is a wonderful way to see it all. Horse Tours Club offers worldwide horse riding tours, ensuring quality and safety for its customers. Book your Finnish horseback tour through Horse Tours Club today!

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