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Embark on extraordinary Horse Riding Holidays in Italy with our carefully curated tours. Immerse yourself in the rich history, stunning landscapes, and delicious cuisine of Italy as you explore it on horseback.
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About Italy

Italy is a land rich in various natural landscapes, from glimmering lakes and seas to rugged mountains and wide expanses of farmland. Horseback riding in Italy is the perfect way to discover the country. Basked in wine and romance and sun, it is easy to be seduced by Italy’s ancient and medieval history, cuisine, culture, and atmosphere. Horseback riding allows visitors the opportunity to soak up the unspoiled countryside and enjoy the relaxed, sophisticated Italian lifestyle.

Italian Horses, and History

Italians have paved the way for equestrian evolution since ancient times. In the Roman era, horses were used to transport goods and people, and were used for chariot racing. People even used them in Rome before the city was founded over 2770 years ago.

In the ruins of Pompeii, the grooves of wagon wheels in the cobble-stone roads are visible today, evidence of the daily use of these mighty animals. It is no wonder the deeply rooted relationship with horses still stands today.

Horse Tours Club

Horse Tours Club offers multi-day horseback riding tours in Italy from verified organizers. Visitors can choose from the regions of Tuscany, Sicily, and other regions.


Quiet and still, the Tuscan countryside is famed for its extensive farmland, abandoned medieval castles, wine, and culinary delights. Our horse riding tours take riders through the Tuscan region of Maremma. This is one of the least populated areas of Italy, but the most famous for horses, making it ideal for riding trails.

The Maremma region is 700 meters above sea level, allowing the right temperate and slight breeze, which is perfect for riding. It’s an ideal location even in summer when other parts of the country are far hotter. With options for the length of tours, our trails will take guests through meadows and woodland, and you will experience Romanesque ruins, medieval castles and villages, and farms.

We also offer tours out of the Castle of Santa Cristina, which is nestled between Lazio, Umbria, and Tuscany, north of Lake Bolsena. Other tours we offer take riders through the Chianti hills, and the Arno valley.

Our Tuscan riding tours cater to all skill levels, and our flexible trail options are the perfect way to get a taste of Tuscany during your travels in Europe.


The island of Sicily, known as the eternal crossroads of the Mediterranean, has drawn passers-by and explorers for thousands of years. Known for its picturesque beaches, charming villages, and diverse landscapes of mountains and forests, it is a stunning location for horseback riding.

Our range of Sicily horse riding tours offer choice to riders of various levels and interests.

One tour option is a trek across the Northeast of Sicily, through four parks of Madonie, Nebrodi, Etna and Alcantara. Ride through forests, ancient paths, high mountain pastures, olive groves, and vineyards. We stay in an 18th century farmhouse.

Another tour option takes us from the north to south coast of Sicily, with rolling hills, endless wheat fields, and villages teeming with history and legend, and abandoned farms brimming with stories from not long ago.

Another trail takes riders up into the High Madonie mountains. An enchanting trip of varied landscapes, rugged mountains, unique flora and fauna and a variety of altitudes.

We also offer a tour that takes riders through the bridle tracks of the Tardara wood, across the town of Tusa, and up to the Pizza San Pietro. The trail ends by crossing the river of Pollina and the Celsito wood full of archaic olive trees.

With so many options to choose from, you will delight in this once in a lifetime experience to discover and indulge in the island of Sicily full of cultural and natural treasures.

The Tours

Our horse-riding tours in the destinations throughout Italy offer an authentic experience into the true essence of Italian culture and style. They offer splendid views, sights, and locations in a relaxed, secluded way that only horseback can achieve.

Our verified organizers provide a range of tours to suit beginners and more advanced riders. We also have flexible dates and trail lengths to suit your vacation itinerary or weekend away. With local guides, stellar safety, service, and accommodation, our horse trips are more than comfortable for such a thrilling adventure.

Ride the path of history through olive groves, savor the flavor and freshness of locally grown produce, and meet locals with centuries of stories and traditions. Aren’t these fundamental aspects of travel and holidays?

Use our website to book a horseback riding experience in one of these beautiful regions of the world.

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