Ready to saddle up? Horse riding holidays in Europe are the perfect adventure for exploring an ancient land that has seen thousands of cultures and peoples throughout history. Europe’s diverse array of ecosystems has historically been home to wild horses. They used to live in the mountains, pastures, steppes, and forests. While wild horses are now extinct, many horses who work in horseback riding carry genes of their wild ancestors.

Horses have had a deep, intertwined relationship with communities and cultures of Europe for multi-millennia. Today, these mighty yet gentle animals can take you on a journey through these sacred and ancient landscapes and cultures, on an adventure of a lifetime.

Ready for a Wild Vacation?

Horse Tours Club offers an array of trip options to suit your palette, style, and bucket list!

If you have ever dreamed of riding across lush fields, exploring crumbling Neolithic ruins, Roman roads, and tasting cuisine from vast cultures and practices, Horse Tours Club can pair you with the perfect riding vacation.

Horseback riding allows travelers an in-depth exploration into cultures, histories, and natural ecosystems of Europe, with a rural, intimate twist.

Our European Trips: From Rugged Coasts to Idyllic Pastures

Italy: Canter through the golden-drenched Tuscan countryside and get to know your riding group over dinner in the evenings. Explore the silent and still region of Maremma, Romanesque ruins and castles from the medieval period. Trot through farms and lush fields and indulge in the Tuscan food at the end of a long day in the saddle.

Or escape into the idyllic rocky landscape of Sicily, the crossroads of the Mediterranean. Take a ride across beaches and explore villages and forests that look like they were plucked out of a fantasy story.

Bulgaria: Trek along the sheer, sweeping coastline of the Black Sea, a water so blue it has drawn in explorers for centuries. A blend of cultural influences, this country in the Balkans offers historical, culinary, and natural delights that you will get to explore on your riding route. Visit the ancient city of Nessebar, a Thracian and Greek site that holds 3000 years of history. Or visit the Boyona Church that dates to the 10th century.

Serbia: A land scattered with remains from the Stone Age to medieval times begging to be explored. Ride through forests out of a fairytale and indulge in the humble and traditional hospitality of locals. Take the thrilling canter through the foothills of the mountainous regions such as the Polven mountains, and Maljen. Known for its traditional, slow lifestyle, Serbia is a cultural experience steeped in pure outdoor adventure.

Poland: Travel through the magical mountains and the rich history of Poland. You can’t leave Poland without visiting the highest fortress in the country. The ancient monastery of Srebrna Góra is both eerie and breathtaking. Explore the rocky, enchanting Stołowe Mountains known for their strange rock formations and mysterious atmosphere.

Czechia: Unveil your inner wild west as you canter through the meadows, forests, and streams of Czechia. Take in the stunning mountainous landscape and get a glimpse into the lives of the rural Czech. Explore medieval cities and deep-grooved cobblestones streets of villages. This country is the perfect blend of natural beauty and history, teeming with stories, folklore, and legend. Don’t forget to try freshly baked Czech cheese!

Spain: Horse riding into the Spanish sunset is an experience perfect for those wanting to capture the true cultural, natural, and historical essence of this diverse country. Our Spanish adventure will take you through the lives and remains of ancient and medieval civilizations in the Nocito Valley. Discover local traditions, and taste dishes and wine from this vibrant land. Take in the wonderful scenery of the Sierra de Guara in the Pyrenees Mountain range, teeming with wildlife. Trek through the region of Somontano and enjoy some sophisticated wine tasting. Spain is an unequalled part of the world to endeavor on horseback.

Want to become an equestrian like the locals? Try our dressage training session to add character and art to your adventure. Spain’s wild landscapes, historically connected culture, and locals will leave you yearning for the next trail ride.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: A country in the Balkans off the beaten track, and a place for lovers of history and nature. Explore the ancient villages and the Old Bridge of Mostar. Watch and hear the magic of the water tumbling over the Kravice waterfall. Canter through meadows speckled in wildflowers of bright hues or through the sparkling white landscape, with snow billowing around you in your wake.

Ride Wild and Free at any Level

Are you a beginner rider? Or are you a seasoned rider ready for a challenge? Horse Tours Club works with verified organizers to pair you with your ideal new horse friend. With our expert guides, you will settle into the saddle, and enjoy your thrilling adventure no matter how long you’ve been an equestrian!

Saddle Up!

We haven’t even scratched the surface of our extensive European catalog. Browse through our comprehensive selection of multi-day, group horseback riding holidays across the continent of Europe, to choose an adventure that piques your interest. No matter where you choose, Horse Tours Club is the destination for thrill seekers, outdoor adventurers, and explorers of new and wonderful cultures.