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Horse Riding Holidays in Zimbabwe capture an intimate experience of this ancient, wild land.
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About Zimbabwe

Many explorers and travelers are drawn to Zimbabwe for Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. No doubt, this grand roaring spectacle will make your heart thump. Zimbabwe is a landlocked country in South Africa, tucked between two of the continent’s most renowned rivers, the Zambezi, and the Limpopo. This country is a myriad of alluring savannah, undiscovered bushland, fascinating wildlife, and a fiery setting sun. Horseback allows travelers an up-close glimpse of this idyllic, rustic land.

Zimbabwe: Nature and Wildlife

When you trek through the landscapes of Zimbabwe on horseback, you will delight in its enchanting natural wonder. Its coarse terrain includes stretches of golden savannahs, isolated woodland, lazy rivers, and twisting rapids. There are sweeps of mountains flanked in mist and lush wetlands alive with creatures, both gentle and predator. Enjoy the rush of a canter through these landscapes and trust the steadiness of your horse in the more remote, challenging environments.

The town of Victoria Falls is a national park in which wildlife roams freely. Encounter elephant, buffalo, several species of antelope, warthog, and baboons. Occasionally, you may spot leopard and hyena. If you are lucky, you may bump into the mighty lion, too.

Zimbabwe is predominantly in the tropics but enjoys a range of subtropical conditions because of its elevation. June tends to be cooler, while October is often the warmest. Peak season is between these months.

Horse Tours Club

Horse Tours Club offers a variety of horse safari trips with veritable partners. Our partners have curated several horseback safari adventures that will take you to the heart of Zimbabwe. Their highly trained, bush ready horses will not hesitate to offer you a front-row seat to view fascinating game, and raw natural beauty. Our guides offer practical knowledge and stories on the history, flora and fauna, and wildlife of this region and will help you feel comfortable no matter your riding level.

Our Tours

One tour we offer is a 3-day or 5-day safari into the bushland of Hwange National Park. Canter through the fields gilded in gold while you track wildlife and enjoy a horse dip into a waterhole. This itinerary is perfect for those wishing to experience the bushland and game of Zimbabwe and recharge in the comfort of the Miombo Safari Lodge. Take in the orange, yellow, and indigo hues of the sunset as you enjoy all the bush has to offer, from the quant lodge permeated by the music of the land. There is nothing like enjoying a wine around the crackling campfire, with the stars scattering the inky night sky above. The birds and insects will lull you to sleep in your tent.

Another varying tour we offer is a 7-day itinerary. Ride through the remote African bush or embark on a game drive through the Hwange National Park. Either option allows equestrians to become familiar with the diverse flora and fauna of Zimbabwe’s largest national park. Enjoy the wisps of the rising sun as you begin your day’s travel across the Savannah vleis (tropical grassland) and trot into mystical acacia forests. Choose full days of riding or visit the nearby conversation or community projects of the national park. Soak in the waterhole with elephants. Canter alongside antelope and buffalo. Meet the savannah’s most famous predators such as the lion.

The Hwange National Park neighbors the jaw-dropping Victoria Falls, the second largest waterfall in the world. This unfenced, wide open space of desert, grassland, and bush is an authentic, unparalleled experience that will leave you both breathless, and yearning for your next adventure.

Visit our catalog to book the riding safari vacation of a lifetime in this thrilling, wild countryside.

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Peak Season
May, June, July, August, September, October
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International Airports
Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport (HRE), Victoria Falls International Airport (VFA), Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo International Airport (BUQ)