Bosnia and Herzegovina, located in the Balkans, is a fusion of western and eastern culture and history, with a hint of Mediterranean and Turkish influence. For those seeking a trip in a little-known part of the world, Bosnia is the perfect choice. It is riddled with undiscovered rugged alps, forever fields, and ancient villages almost lost to time. Your trip to Bosnia would not be complete without visiting the capital city of Sarajevo and the Old Bridge of Mostar. For nature lovers, you will delight in the magic of Kravice waterfall and Jahorina Mountain.

The people of Bosnia are known for their warm and welcoming nature. During your horseback trail ride, you will enjoy learning about their rich traditional and rural lifestyle.

Bosnian Climate and Wildlife

Bosnia enjoys a mild climate. The winters, especially January, are bitterly cold but perfect for snow fall. July is the warmest month and can reach temperatures of 72 degrees Fahrenheit or 22 degrees Celsius. However, the Herzegovina region can enjoy hot summers.

Large parts of the countryside are coated in forests of pine, beech, and oak. Bosnian farms are especially famous for plums. The country enjoys a diverse wildlife. During your trail ride, you may meet bears, wolves, wild pigs and cats, and even adorable otters.

Horse Tours Club

Horse Tours Club offers a variety of horse riding trips with veritable partners. A local guide leads all our riding vacations in Bosnia. These individuals are a wealth of knowledge of the history, culture, lifestyle, and natural wonders of Bosnia.


One tour we offer allows flexibility to choose either a 7-day or 8-day itinerary. The 8-day tour is ranch-based, with an overnight at Ormanj Mountain Lodge, while the 7-day tour includes accommodation at various destinations. Travel along the magical mountain creeks of Sarajevo Olympic Mountains, via the Dinarica trials, through glades and pine forests. Ride your new horse friend through the shallows of Lepenica river. Canter through vast mountain pastures and climb towards mountains dotted with natural cranberry and blueberry plantations. The ranch-based tour includes a spooky encounter with archaic, unmarked tombstones caked in moss. This trail departs from Lazy Horse Ranch in Tarcin, Bosnia and Hercegovina. Both tours include optional excursions such as walking tours, wine tasting, Mostar tours, and white-water rafting. There are many great options to customize your holiday!

Our other tours offer horse riding holidays in the unspoilt destination of the Kupres plateau.

The 7-night riding holiday option is perfect for intermediate level riders. Encounter mountain lakes such as Kukavicko jezero, forests crawling with critters, medieval tombstones called stecci, and the remains of a Roman basilica. There is also the incredible option to view wild horses.

For those new to the equestrian world, there is a trail ride vacation for beginners. Learn how to ride and steer a horse while surrounded by the rolling vibrant hills of the Kupres farm. Enjoy a peaceful afternoon trail in wide open meadows speckled with flowers in hues of pink, yellow, indigo, and blue.

Can you imagine trotting through freshly fallen snow? For those seeking adventure in the heart of winter, we offer a riding vacation through the magical Bosnian countryside draped in sparkling white. Canter across frozen fields as the icy wind brushes your cheeks and the snow billows in your wake.

The work programme is a practical, unparalleled opportunity that allows guests to care for the horses, including feeding them and cleaning the stables. This authentic, hands-on experience, with plenty of time in the saddle, would suit any traveller wishing for a true farm life vacation at a special rate.

Visit our catalog for more information on the tour that piqued your interest. Book the riding holiday of a lifetime in the quaint countryside of Bosnia and Herzegovina.