It's time to buckle those stirrups and prepare for an adventure that will make your heart race and your spirit soar. We're talking about horse riding holidays in France, where the countryside becomes your playground and the wind becomes your partner in crime. So, let's ditch the mundane and gallop into a world where every hoofbeat echoes with pure badassery.

Here are some of the best horse riding holidays in France that you can consider:

1. Loire Castle on Horseback: Unleash Your Inner Royalty

The Loire Castle on Horseback tour takes you through the enchanting Loire Valley, a region renowned for its majestic castles, picturesque landscapes, and charming villages.

This 7-day horse riding adventure allows you to immerse yourself in the grandeur of the Loire Valley's most iconic castles. Ride through the scenic Sologne region, with its beautiful lakes and forests, and follow the riding paths of Chambord National Park. Experience the thrill of galloping towards the magnificent Chateau of Chambord, a symbol of French Renaissance architecture and opulence. Explore the castle at your own pace and marvel at its grand halls, intricate details, and vast grounds.


  • Visit the Chateau of Beauregard, a smaller yet equally captivating Renaissance castle. 
  • Admire its famous gallery with 327 unique portraits of historical figures, including stunning Lapis Lazuli paintings on the walls. 
  • As you journey through the Touraine region, catch glimpses of the enchanting Chateau of Chaumont sur Loire, majestically perched on the banks of the Loire River. 
  • Explore its exquisite gardens, discover the charming stables, and enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes. 

Each day brings new adventures and a deeper appreciation for the rich history and architectural wonders of the Loire Valley.

2. Castle, Loire & Cher Valley: A Tale of Legends

The Castle, Loire & Cher Valley tour takes you through the scenic Loire and Cher Valleys, known for their stunning landscapes, historical castles, and charming villages.

This 5-day horse riding tour offers an immersive journey through the captivating valleys, allowing you to witness the architectural splendor and natural beauty of the region. Ride through the picturesque Sologne region, crossing Montrichard forest with its sandy paths perfect for exhilarating trots and canters. Traverse the Cher Valley, known for its beautiful white stone houses and gentle terrain.


  • Discover the Château of Chaumont sur Loire, a remarkable fortress built on the ruins of an old castle, offering commanding views of the Loire Valley. 
  • Explore its stunning gardens, tiny stables, and circular riding arena. Visit the Chateau of Montpoupon, an elegant Renaissance castle, and immerse yourself in its rich history and magnificent Amazon collection. 
  • Experience the charm of Chenonceau, the famous castle spanning the Cher River, with its arches and gardens that will transport you to a fairy tale. 

3. Sancerre on Horseback: A Wine Lover's Dream Ride

The Sancerre on Horseback tour takes place in the idyllic Sancerre wine region, known for its rolling hills, vineyards, and charming villages.

This 2-day horse riding tour combines the love for horses with the passion for wine. Explore the picturesque Sancerre bocages (woodlands) and ride towards the XIIth century tower of Vesvres, soaking in the beauty of the countryside. Discover the traditional troglodyte cave, dug into rocks, and learn about its fascinating history. Indulge in a wine tasting experience, savoring the renowned AOC Sancerre wines and local products.


  • Enjoy the changing landscapes as you cross vast forests, meander through Berry fields, and catch sight of the captivating town of Sancerre rising on the horizon. 
  • Visit the Sancerre brewery and savor unique beers crafted with passion. Delight in the stunning views of the Loire River and the charming village of Chavignol, famous for its goat cheese "Crottin de Chavignol." 

This tour is a perfect harmony of horse riding, natural beauty, and the exquisite flavors of the Sancerre wine region.

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