From historical sites like Gunjiin Sum to the Altai Mountains or the Gobi Desert, our Mongolian horseback tours have it all. Ride past gorgeous lakes, rivers, and glaciers, experience cultures such as the Kazakhs and Tubans, and visit national parks like Bogd Khan Uul National Park.

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Equestrian History in Mongolia

As you may know, horses have played a pivotal role in Mongolian culture for thousands of years. Historians believe horses were first domesticated in the Mongolian area about 4,000 to 5,000 years ago when nomadic tribes realized the value horses have.

They captured and tamed the animals, revolutionizing transportation. Their nomadic lifestyle adapted to cover large distances more easily.

But horses weren’t only used for transportation. The animals were essential for Mongolian warfare. Chinggis Khan (Genghis Khan), the first leader of the Mongol Empire, created the largest contiguous empire in history largely through the use of horses. Mongol warriors were experts in mounted archery, allowing them to capture huge territories quickly.

Horses are still an important part of Mongolian culture. In fact, it is said there are more horses than people in the country.

Mongolian Horse Breeds

Mongolian horses, also known as Przewalski's horse, the Takhi, the Dzungarian horse, and the Asian wild horse, are native to Mongolia and have remained mostly unchanged since Genghis Khan’s time. The breed has gone extinct in the wild, but efforts are being made to reintroduce it.

This breed is short and stocky, with large heads but short necks. They have fantastic stamina—able to gallop for more than 6 miles (10 km) without a break (most horses can only go about 2 miles without tiring).

The Misaki, Taishu, Kiso, Tokara, Yonaguni, Hokkaido, Noma, and Miyako breeds—all Japanese breeds—are believed to be descendants of distant Mongolian ancestors.

What You Can Do on Horse Riding Holidays in Mongolia

Your Mongolia horse trip will take you all across Mongolia.

You can visit the Princess Temple near a small village called Gunjiin Soum. This temple is dedicated to a Mongolian nobleman and his wife. She was known as the Peaceful Princess, and though she was Chinese, she loved Mongolia and its people. On the journey to the temple, you will cross a large river, trekking through stunning landscapes with rivers, forests, steppe valleys, and mountains. Camp by the river, go for a swim, and relax by the fire.

Visit the Altai Mountains, deep in Western Mongolia. Here you can see the highest mountains in Mongolia, home to many rivers, glaciers, and glacier lakes. From the top of Malchin Mountain, you can see the Potaina glacier and across the border into Russia and Kazakhstan.

Meet Mongolian and Kazakh nomads and local shamans. The Kazakhs are eagle hunters with a tradition of hunting with trained golden eagles that goes back centuries. These locals will introduce you to their aerial counterparts, and you may just get to see them in action.

In the Tsagaan Gol valley, you’ll meet the Tubans, local shamans who perform authentic rituals to offer guidance and heal the sick. Spend the evening with a Tuban family learning about their beliefs and culture and sharing your own.

Or on your equestrian tour, you can visit Bogd Khan Uul National Park, the oldest national park in the world. Bogd Khan Mountain has been protected as a sacred mountain since the 12th century, and the national park has been protected since 1778. The area is brimming with life with more than 220 plant and animal species. Nearby you’ll find the ruins of the Manzushir Monastery, a former gompa (a Buddhist monastery or temple) that was established in 1733. It was destroyed in 1937 by Mongolian communists.

On your horse riding tour, ride across Mongolia on the vast steppes to Hustai National Park. The park is the natural habitat of the Takhi or Przewalski, famous horses that were the last truly wild horses in the world. Your horse trekking will pay off as you take new paths and meet nomadic families who’ve raised horses, sheep, and yaks for centuries. The lush hills and grasslands here will take your breath away.

Or your riding holiday can take you to the lovely Gorkhi Terelj National Park. Take a trail through the park to see its picturesque views of alpine forests and rocky mountains. The park is near Ulaanbaatar, where you’ll find the incredible statue of Ghenghis Khan atop a noble horse. The stainless steel statue is 130 feet tall (40 m), making it the tallest equestrian statue in the world.

Ride through Khan Khentii, a protected area in the Khentii Mountains. The landscape here is virtually untouched, and you’d be hard-pressed to find any other people. Spend the night marveling at the quiet beauty of the area and sleeping under the stars. Trek through the Khavirga Pass, which reaches an elevation of 6,811 feet (2,076 m), surrounded by astonishing sights.

After spending a few days traveling through mountains, along muddy paths, over grasslands, and among forests, take a day to rest at a gorgeous lake where you can hike in the surrounding area or swim in the freshwater. Camp by the lakeside, enjoying a relaxing fire.

In the summer, you can experience the Naaadam festival, a Mongolian festival that focuses on horseracing, wrestling, and archery. Young jockeys and their horses spend weeks preparing for the competition. During the competition, jockeys chant the Giingoo, a horse song that creates a thrilling atmosphere.

You’ll find all this and more on a tour in Mongolia. Horse Tours Club offers worldwide horse riding expeditions, ensuring quality and safety for our customers. Book your Mongolian horseback riding tour through us today!