Discover the endless stretches of rugged, sandy landscapes in the wild, open spaces of southern Jordan. Sleep beneath the galaxy and explore the ancient red rock city of Petra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. A guided horseback tour will take you beyond this famous landmark, into the depths of the desert to soak in the country’s stunning natural spaces. You can even relax your muscles and read a book as you float on the lowest point of Earth, the Dead Sea.

Jordan: A Rugged Pink Orange Paradise

Jordan is a nation in the desert terrain of the northern Arabian Peninsula. This stunning country will have you feeling like you have trotted into the science fiction world of Dune, with treeless plains and sweeping stretches of brilliantly vibrant sand.

Home to a diverse range of wildlife, you will delight in catching sight of hares, jackals, hyenas, wildcats, and wolves, to name only a few. Vultures and white fowl may soar above your head. You may even spot a species of wild goat in the gorges.

Wadi Rum is famous for its towering sandstone rock formations so red; you will wonder whether you are horseback riding on Earth or Mars. These rock formations above the village are named the Seven Pillars, in honor of author T.E. Lawrence.

The Dead Sea, perhaps one of the strangest bodies of water, is 1312 feet (400 meters) below sea level and provides plenty of natural resources for spa treatments. Enjoy mud spas that leave your skin smooth, and float on the surface of the sea, to allow your muscles to relax after a day of cantering across the desert.

This arid climate, influenced by the Mediterranean Sea, enjoys warm temperatures and winds that will keep you cool. Be sure to bring loose clothing, a secure hat, and plenty of sunscreen for your horseback riding holiday. No one wants those pesky sunburns while trying to enjoy their trip!

Jordan’s Ancient History and Traditional Culture

Jordan is a land of cities lost to time and of biblical stories that have shaped our societies. Petra is a Nabataean caravan-city, tucked between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea. This ancient city is both built and carved into the rock, flanked by mountains, and forged by passages and gorges. Tick this monumental archaeological site off your bucket-list! This incredible site is a blend of Eastern and Hellenistic architecture and tradition and is an insight into the lives of thousands who came before us. You will delight in exploring this archaic city during your horse-riding holiday.

Beyond Petra, your equestrian holiday will allow you a visit to Mount Nebo, a location significant in the story of Moses. From the banks of River Jordan, if the day is clear, you can even see Jerusalem.

As an integral part of the Arab world, Jordan shares many similar cultural practices of the region. Jordanian culture is rooted in family where they cherish preserving their customs and passing them down to younger generations. You will delight in getting a glimpse into the lives of their warm, hospital nature. Taste their traditional dishes which feature beans, olive oil, yogurt, and garlic.

Horse Tours Club

Horse Tours Club offers a variety of horse-riding holidays with veritable partners across the sweeping coral-coloured plains of Jordan.

The Tours

Can you imagine a 6-day horseback itinerary into the stunning Wadi Rum desert? Disconnect from the hustle and bustle, and sit back in the saddle, relax, and let your new horse friend take you on an adventure into a landscape and culture you will never forget.

This tour includes a day's exploration of the archaeological site of Petra. Ride from the village of Wadi Rum, over the dunes, and into the Khazali Canyon. Sleep in the valley accompanied by the stars, which will seem only an arm’s length away. Trot to the Burrah Canyon and through the Burdah Arch.

Travel to the famous arch of War Rum, known as Umm Fruth Arch. This bridge of rock rises 49 feet (15 meters) and has attracted photographers and tourists for decades. Let your horse carry you across the Nqura Canyon and take in the stunning, furrowed sight of Jordan’s tallet peak, the Um Ad Dami.

Traverse through the desert and into the Sabet and Sweibet Valley, a wide expanse of wilderness comprised of red and white sand, and black volcano stone. Enjoy the idyllic seaside town of Aqaba on the Red Sea. For those keen on more adventure, you can snorkel the most colorful reefs. Take a dip in the Dead Sea, a salt lake so dense that no fish live there and experience the bizarre feeling of floating on water.

This trip is a whirlwind of galloping towards a sinking orange-red sun, sleeping amongst the cosmos, and unveiling the vast, rolling wilderness of Jordan on horseback.

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