On a horse riding holiday in Asia, you’ll be able to discover not only mountains and valleys but also the culture and history of these beautiful countries. 

Trot through the deserts of Egypt, travel from palace to palace in India, learn about horsemanship in Indonesia, or have a picnic by the Dead Sea.

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History of Horses in Asia

Horses came to Asia through the land bridge connecting modern-day Alaska to Siberia. They spread westward through Asia and evolved to survive the different landscapes.

Scientists have found that modern horses originate from central Asia. They rapidly replaced all of their relatives about 4,000 years ago.

Horses were domesticated in what is now southern Russia and bred for back strength and stress tolerance. This made them great for transport, farming, and warfare. 

These horses spread, replacing others across Europe and Asia. This was a result of humans controlling breeding and producing the animals in large numbers.

Asian Breeds

There are many notable Asian horse breeds that you may encounter on your vacation.

One of the most well-known breeds, the Arabian horse originated on the Arabian Peninsula but has since spread, resulting in variations such as the Egyptian Arabian. Arabians have a unique wedge-shaped head and a spirited yet good temperament.

The Marwari horse is a rare breed that comes from India. The Marwari has distinctive ears that curve inward. They are hard workers and are mostly used for riding nowadays. This breed has a brave nature and tenacity.

The Tibetan Pony comes from, you guessed it, Tibet. This breed is lanky and timid looking, but these horses are actually quite hardy. From traveling through cold environments as well as enduring sunny days that can grow hot, they are intelligent and robust with strength and stamina to rival many of the larger horse breeds.

What You’ll See and Do on Your Horse Riding Vacation

You have a lot of great destination options for an equestrian adventure in Asia.

In Jordan, you can visit Petra, a UNESCO site and one of the seven wonders of the world. Petra is an ancient city, also known as the “rose city” due to its golden coloring, that dates back to 312 BC. The Arab Nabataeans who founded the city carved it from rock. The result is stunning architecture that you can explore.

Also in Jordan, you’ll be able to ride through gorgeous white and red deserts and sleep under the stars. You can ride through Burrah Canyon, see the Berdah Arch, and visit the famous arch of Wadi Rum, Umm Fruth Arch.

Take a trip to Salatiga, Indonesia to not only ride, but also practice yoga, understand horse training better, and improve your bodily awareness. Surrounded by beautiful rice fields and verdant gardens with views of Merbabu Mountain and Mount Merapi, you’ll be able to connect to yourself and your horse.

In India, explore the Leopard Trail and the lake city of Udaipur. Visit the blue city of Jodhpur and ride across the desert dunes.

Or head to Egypt to see the pyramids, explore the desert, and visit the tombs of ancient pharaohs. You can sample Egyptian food, float down the Nile, and ride along the Red Sea.

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