Saddle up, folks! Horseback riding holidays in Spain are the ideal escapade for explorers eager to traverse stunning landscapes, delve into captivating culture and venture into a breathtaking adventure. If you're yearning for something different than typical sightseeing and tedious tourist traps on your holiday, don your hat - let's go galloping towards a breathtaking Spanish sunset!

Beginner or Pro? We've Got You Covered

Horse Tours Club cordially invites riders of all capabilities - from newbies to seasoned equestrians. You can pair up with a horse that fits your level of riding, so you can relax and enjoy the incredible journey ahead! So don't feel intimidated if this is your first time on a saddle; be confident, buckle up, and we'll take care of you.

Unleash Your Inner Wild West

Spain is the perfect place to get your horseback adventure galloping! The rolling hills, the rocky mountains - there's no shortage of breathtaking landscapes to explore. And we've got just the ride for you - whether you want to take it fast and wild or go at a more leisurely trot, you'll be sure to have a whiny-good time during your holidays!

Saddle Up for Culture

Prepare to witness Spain's cultural legacy -  a once in a lifetime opportunity! Our adventures will guide you through ancient castles and medieval ruins of the Nocito Valley, as well as allow for a unique opportunity to savor scrumptious cuisine, educate about local practices, and feel Spanish hospitality first hand. Step into an unforgettable journey where history meets culture.

The Best Places to Ride

Sierra de Guara: The Sierra de Guara in the Pyrenees mountain range is an unequaled riding experience that offers marvelous views and abundant wildlife. People seeking leisurely treks or more rigorous experiences, can customize their journey as per their liking. Few activities compare to the thrill of discovering this area on horseback, don't miss out on this!

Mallos de Riglo: When you soar across the Mallos de Riglo on horseback and marvel at its landscape, it'll take your breath away! Moreover, you'll experience the magical rock formations amidst a thrilling trail as you test your riding skills. That's not all, the panoramic vistas are even more spectacular when viewed from above. So, explore this geological wonder like never before - all while atop one of nature's most majestic creatures.

Sierra Cancias: The Sierra Cancias awaits adventurers like you. The steep mountain passes, rocky outcrops, and rolling hills of this range serve as the perfect playground for riding enthusiasts! Apart from that, you will be able to experience raw nature up close and take in beautiful views from your horseback seat.

Hoya de Huesca: The Hoya de Huesca presents a unique opportunity to explore diverse, breathtaking terrain. Here, riders can tailor adventure on its peaceful inclines or daring mountain climbing. And with Historic sites such as Loarre Castle in the mix, this is an experience full of cultural significance.

Somontano: Somontano is a wine-growing area that provides a thrilling experience of exploring eye-pleasing vineyards and countryside. The surrounding mountains offer spectacular views. To top off this adventure, visits to some luxury wineries will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your holidays.

Sobrarbe: This place offers nature’s grandeur from a whole new perspective! The steep mountain and rocky outcrops are spellounding. So, conquer your inner thrill-seeker on horseback as you traverse this rugged terrain – an absolute must for all equestrians.

Nocito Valley: The Nocito Valley's breathtaking beauty and serene atmosphere make it a hidden gem for riders searching for an extraordinary adventure. Be enthralled by the lush green pastures, expansive meadows, and wildflowers while you leisurely explore your way through these calm lands.

Kick Off Your Boots and Relax

After a long day of riding, it's essential to rest your feet and relax. Our tours provide an assortment of accommodation options. We offer rustic guest houses, top-notch hotels - all handpicked for their comfortability and quality. So kick off those boots! Yeehaw!

Equestrian Adventures for All

Spain is one of the best gems of Europe and  has an equestrian heritage. Don’t believe us? We've got the perfect experiences to prove it. The dressage training sessions, the exhilarating horseback riding tours through rough terrain – our list of offerings is packed with diverse options for passionate riders from all levels. Whether you'd like to immerse yourself in this art form through experienced trainers or seek a thrilling adventure, we guarantee that no two rides will ever be the same.

Make Friends With the Herd

Are you on your own or with a tight group of friends? Join one of our tours and make acquainted with new individuals! Our skilled trek leaders will guarantee that everyone has an incredible time, allowing for the opportunity to share experiences with people who have similar interests. Come alongside us as we explore together.

Safety is Our Top Priority

Your security is our topmost concern at Horse Tours Club, which is why we validate all of our organizers to guarantee that you receive the most superior quality service and safety during your journey.

The Horse Tours Club - The Best Horse Riding Experience

Horse Tours Club is the definitive destination for horse lovers seeking a truly unforgettable experience. With our comprehensive selection of multi-day equestrian tours around the world, you're sure to have an adventure that will never be forgotten.

At Horse Tours Club we ensure our customers' security and satisfaction by confirming all organizers providing these rides with stringent quality checks. Purchasing your own journey has also never been simpler - simply use our secure payment system on the website to book your tour today and experience the best horseback riding holidays in Spain.

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