If you’re looking for one of the best equestrian holidays, look no further. Slovenia is home to gorgeous mountains and lakes, including Lake Bled, and scenic landscapes, including the Karst Plateau. Horseback riding tours in Slovenia include opportunities to see fairytale castles, reconnect with nature, and sample the rich Slovenian culture.


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Equestrian History of Slovenia


Horses are no strangers to Slovenia. In fact, they’ve been in what is now Slovenia for thousands of years. Archeologists have found equine remains that date back to the Hallstatt culture, which was a predominant culture in Europe in the Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age. The Karst horse, a local breed, was mentioned in the first written record of horses in the 15th century.


People in Slovenia have used horses for agriculture and forestry work for a long time. Until recently, draft horses made up the majority of the horse population.


Nowadays, horses in Slovenia are still used for agriculture, but they also participate in horse racing, other equestrian sports, and equestrian tourism. Slovenia is also one of the many Eurasian countries that participates in hippophagy. 


Slovenian Horse Breeds


Since horses have been present in Slovenia for so long, many horse breeds originated in the area.


The Lipizzan is the longest-established horse breed in the country. It originates from the village of Lipica, which still has an active stud farm. This breed is powerful and usually has a gray coat. These horses mature more slowly than other breeds, but they tend to live longer and remain active for longer.


The Slovenian Cold-blood is another breed with origins in Slovenia. This breed is one of the most numerous of the Slovenian breeds. These horses are rarely used as riding horses. Instead, they are used for the production of dairy products and horse meat, though some are used as draft horses.


The Slovenian Saddlebred is a more recent breed. The breed originated from Krumperk Castle in 1978 when Slovenians wanted their own studbook of sport horses. The breed is known as the national sport horse. Slovenian Saddlebreds are recognized for their elegance.


Slovenian Horse Riding Holidays


When you go horse riding in Slovenia, your tour will take you past lakes and through valleys and forests. Travel to Slovenia to discover the mysteries of this country—all on the back of a horse.


 On your trip, you can visit some stunning castles like the Predjama Castle. This Renaissance castle was built within the mouth of a cave, giving it a natural defensive advantage. It was built in 1274 in a Gothic style, but after a siege, the original castle was destroyed. It was rebuilt but again destroyed by an earthquake in 1511. The current castle was built in 1570 and has remained nearly unchanged since then.


You can explore the castle, and, depending on the time of year, the caves underneath the fortress. There are many secret tunnels surrounding the castle, and one of the caves is home to a colony of bats.


Ride through a beautiful landscape to Kalec Castle. Only a single tower and some sections of wall remain of this fortress. It was built in the mid-17th century, but its residents abandoned it after World War I, and it began falling apart. Take a trail past its ruins, and then visit the nearby Knezak village, where you can eat lunch at a pub and ride up the hill to a spot with fantastic panoramic views.


You can ride along an exceptional natural rock wall to Prem Village, which is home to Prem Castle. The castle was built sometime before 1213 and is believed to stand on Castra Prima, an old Roman fortification. Enjoy the view of the castle and snap some pictures. 


Ride on a delightful route to the Crne Njive plateau, which holds a bar where you can enjoy a drink. When you continue on the path through the forest, you’ll be able to take in breathtaking vistas of the valley. Eat lunch at a hut in the middle of the forest. Surrounded by nature, you can relax and enjoy the time away from the rest of the world. Nearby, you can explore the remains of some Italian caves. Descend on horseback over Milonja hills' peaks, where, on clear days, you can spot the Adriatic Sea.


Trot under a natural wall and through a tunnel to reach Šilentabor, a small settlement with spectacular views. Then you’ll ride to the village of Narin. Here you can take a break and eat lunch in a pub before riding along the hills of Primoz. Nearby, you can see the remains of some tunnels used in World War I. Take the path through the woods and onto the river Pivka’s floodplains.


Adventure to Palsko Jezero Lake, passing through lush forests and stopping to appreciate the scenery on the way. Then head to the Lipica Stud Farm, the biggest Lipizzan stud farm in the world. Here you can see the famous Lipizzan horses and choose from activities like riding in a horse-drawn carriage, visiting the Lipizzaner Museum, touring the stables, or unwinding on the farm’s beautiful grounds.


Slovenia is a wonderful place to visit, and a horse riding holiday is the perfect way to travel around the picturesque landscape. On the back of your horse, you can visit historic and magnificent castles, see the natural wonders of the land, and experience Slovenian culture.


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