Our horse riding holidays in Turkey provide beautiful views of the country, chances to experience the unique Turkish culture, and the opportunity to reconnect with nature while riding a beautiful horse. 

On a trip to Turkey, you’ll be able to explore regions like Cappadocia, ride along trails such as the famous Lycian Way, and you’ll eat authentic Turkish foods. Horse Tours Club will help organize the trip of a lifetime.

Turkish Equestrian History

For over 5,000 years, horses have been an important part of life in what’s now modern-day Turkey. They were first used for food and milk, and later horses were used in war for transport and cavalry as early as the sixth century BC.

As time went on, horse games arose. These games were used both to train the horses and their riders during peaceful times and to excite troops before a battle. In the twentieth century, horses transitioned from an essential part of warfare to leisure and sport.

Turkish Horse Breeds

One of the most common breeds native to Turkey is the Anadolu Pony, also called the Anatolian, Turk, or Turkish Pony. It developed over 1,000 years ago. These horses are known for speed, endurance, and hardiness. They’re usually used for riding and as a pack horse, and today they are found throughout Turkey.

The Uzunyayla breed originated in Turkey, dating back to 1854. This breed’s ancestors came from the Caucasus region. Until 1930, the Uzunyayla was bred pure in Turkey, but then the Anadolu Pony and Nonius were introduced to the bloodline. The Uzunyayla is great for riding long distances and is used as a pack horse, a light draft horse, and a general riding horse.

What You’ll See and Do in Turkey on Your Horse Riding Vacation

Travel to Turkey to experience a horseback riding tour like none other. On your riding holiday here, you be able to discover the hidden gems of the country.

Ride along the beautiful Lycian Way, a long trail that begins in Hisarönü and extends over 300 miles (500 km) along the coast of the Mediterranean all the way to Antalya. This trail’s name comes from the ancient civilization of Lycia, and it was the first long-distance walking route in Turkey. When it was created, it was intended to identify and preserve Turkey’s historic paths, and today it attracts hikers, trekkers, mountain bikers, and, you guessed it, horseback riders. From this trail, you can trot along the beach and back into history all while enjoying some gorgeous views of the sea.

While you’re in the area, explore the ancient city of Xanthos, also known as Xanthus or Arna, its Lycian name. Xanthos was the largest city in Lycia. Its ruins on the bank of the River Xanthos have many preserved tombs. Tour the area and learn about the ancient civilization that dates back to the eighth century BC.

You can also see the sights of Cappadocia, which made it onto the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985. This region is known for its stunning rock formations called fairy chimneys. Aptly named, these formations rise into the sky, and when you ride around them, you’ll have no trouble believing they’re homes to magical creatures.

You’ll be able to visit Golgoli, a cave-dwelling site known for underground shelters, graves, and churches. This is one of the oldest sites of Mustafapaşa. Tour through the ancient city with a view of the Damsa Dam. Here you can see the Keşlik Monastery, the most expansive monastery in Cappadocia with two churches, a large refectory hall, a sacred spring, and infinite cave rooms. Ride up Golgoli Dağı, a mountain in the region and the highest point of Ayvali. From the top, you’ll get a spectacular view of the surrounding area. 

Visit Ortahisar, a small town in Turkey that’s recently seen a rise in tourism. This quaint town has many boutique hotels created out of its fine old stone houses, but its most well-known feature is a 300-foot-tall (90 m) rock castle in the middle of town. The castle Sivrikaya is believed to have been a refuge from attacks during Byzantine times, and it’s another amazing example of the use of rock formations in the architecture of the region.

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