Horse Riding Holidays in Brazil

As the largest country in South America, Brazil has a diverse range of landscapes, begging to be explored. Horseback riding in Brazil is the perfect way to see the countryside. Experience everything from the rainforest to the desert in this beautiful country.

Horse Tours Club offers a variety of horse riding holidays in Brazil. You’ll be sure to find an itinerary you love in our catalog.


Equestrian History of Brazil

Portuguese and Spanish colonizers brought horses to the area that is now Brazil in the 1500s, using the animals in their militaries. Over time, unique breeds developed, and gaúchos (South American cowboys) adopted the animals to work their cattle on their large ranches.

Today, Brazil is home to the world’s fourth-largest equine population. They are still used for farm work, but they also participate in equestrian competitions. Horse tourism is a thriving industry in the country with the potential to grow even more.


Brazilian Horse Breeds

There are many breeds native to Brazil. The Brazilian Sport Horse is one such. This modern warmblood breed was bred for competitive equestrian sports. These horses are a mix of Crioulos and a number of sporting breeds such as the Andalusian, Belgian Warmblood, and Thoroughbred.

Originating in the marshy regions of Brazil, the Baixedeiro is a breed of small-sized horses that’s nearly extinct and currently under conservation. This breed does best in wetlands and looks similar to the Pantaneiro horse breed.

With more than half a million horses, the Mangalarga Marchador is one of the most numerous breeds in the world. It’s the national horse breed of Brazil and resulted in a cross between the Lusitano and the Crioulos. 


Our Riding Vacations

Travel to Brazil to embark on one of our fantastic horseback riding tours. Go on trail rides, experience the culture, see wildlife, and enjoy the tropical climate. We’ve got tours for both the experienced and novice rider.

Head to the vast Sertão, the backcountry of Brazil where you’ll find red-rock canyons, frozen colonial towns, and the São Francisco River. This land is home to the Vaqueiros, cowboys who navigate the harsh terrain with the ease of a people who’ve done it for a lifetime. You’ll ride the Mangalarga Marchador horse through the landscape, learning about Lampião, a legendary bandit leader of the Cangaço, and retracing his steps. Sleep in colorful posadas and country houses, see ancient rock paintings, and explore the river and canyons.

Or go on a thrilling adventure in the world’s largest wetlands—Pantanal. This spot is perfect for seeing wildlife like jaguars. The area transforms into a fertile tropical paradise during the wet season. Ride with the Brazilian cowboys to learn about their culture, cattle work, music, and traditions.

If you love the beach, you’ll love the Coconut Trail Ride, a 9-day journey through the Alagoas region where you can ride along picturesque beaches, cross rivers, and explore sand dunes, rainforests, mangrove swamps, and sea cliffs. Enjoy delicious seafood dinners and end your trip by visiting Penedo, a colonial village showcasing baroque architecture at the mouth of the São Francisco River.

Even more fantastic options await you in Brazil. Meet the gaúchos, ride across grasslands, swim in desert lagoons, and visit idyllic streams and waterfalls in the rainforest. No matter what tour you choose, Horse Tours Club will make sure you have the best vacation possible. We offer global horse riding tours, promising safety and quality for our customers. Book your Brazilian horseback riding tour through Horse Tours Club today!