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The d’Artagnan European Road

5 days 4 nights
Weight limit
80 kg / 176 lb

Join our unforgettable horse riding adventure through the enchanting landscapes of a region of Gers. Our tour takes you along the fabled d’Artagnan road, tracing the footsteps of legendary figures amidst picturesque villages and stunning countryside.

As you journey through this captivating land, you'll have the chance to explore historic sites and hidden gems at every turn. Begin your exploration in the charming village of Lupiac, where the spirit of d’Artagnan, the renowned musketeer, still lingers. Here, you'll encounter a majestic statue honoring his legacy, a testament to the rich history of the area.

Prepare to be amazed as you stumble upon unexpected wonders and hidden treasures tucked away in this natural paradise. From ancient ruins to scenic views, each stop on our tour promises a new discovery and an opportunity to feel the typical life of the countryside. 

from US$ 987
per tourist for 5 days
Departing from
Occitanie, Gers, Arrondissement de Mirande, Lupiac
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Photo Grandotto Biettoli M.
Grandotto Biettoli M. is the provider of this trip
The provider speaks: English
Manon is a great traveler and horses enthusiast. Graduates of a BEES 1°. Sensitive to the development of respectful tourism, which benefits local populations. She has been a horseback rider since a very young age. A real enthusiast, she is also a follower of the classic disciplines that she teaches and practices as soon as possible. She is the creator and manager of the horse farm.

Tour highlights

d’Artagnan route horse riding
Ride along the Historic Route of d'Artagnan
Follow the footsteps of Charles de Batz-Castelmore d'Artagnan, a famous figure primarily known through Alexandre Dumas' novel "The Three Musketeers"
Horse at the lake
Enjoy the Local Lakes
Beautiful local gems - Tutelle and Lacoste lakes are awaiting on the way!
Horse riding in historic town
Visit Local Villages
Discover the authentic culture of Gers through the life of locals

Route details

Day 1

Meeting at the Farm starting from 10 am. 
Transfers from/to Auch and Agen railroad stations is optional.


At 14 pm we start getting ready for the ride to the Castelmore castle. 

Lupiac visit. 

Dinner and night at Lupiac.

*The program is given for information only. It may undergo modifications or adjustments, depending on technical criteria, safety requirements or prevailing weather conditions. In this case, only those in charge of the framework are empowered to take the necessary decisions.

French castle
Day 2
Trail ride to the Domaine de Darran
Day 3
Candau Lake ride
Day 4
Along the D'Artagnan route
Day 5
Tour provider's comments

This horseback ride in the Gers is for riders who are comfortable with three gaits outdoors and in good physical condition. It is a hike in a hilly area with a bit of a drop. Child riders accompanied by adults are accepted from the age of 12 if they are in good physical condition and have the required equestrian level. You will be able to enjoy beautiful paces when the terrain allows it. The days on horseback last between 5 and 6 hours and you will cover approximately 30 km per day. 



Guest House
4 nights
2 nights
1 night
1 night
Raguet farm

Travel recommendations

Group meeting place
Occitanie, Gers, Arrondissement de Mirande, Lupiac
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Tour conditions


  • the horse riding;
  • the supervising guide;
  • horses and harness;
  • accomodations;
  • the full board from the first day dinner to the last day lunch;
  • stewardship for the transfer of your luggage each day;
  • the application fee of 15€ / personne (mandatory)


  • travelling to the starting place of the ride;
  • transfers from/to Auch 30€ / person, Agen : 70€/person;
  • personal expenses and optional activities;
  • FFE rider license - Mandatory (annual: 36€ - green card (30 days): 10€);
  • individual travelling insurance;
  • transfers from/to Auch and Agen railroad stations;
  • additional nights (60€ / person).

Group size

up to 6 tourists


5 days
4 nights

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Meals with local flavors will be taken in the form of a picnic for lunch and at the accommodation in the evening.

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