From Blond Tisza to the Blue Danube

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8 days 7 nights

This tour takes the riders from the flood plains of the river Tisza through the sand dunes of the Kiskunság region and the salty plains of Solt to the river Danube. This is a tour of riding long distances.

It is impossible to cover such a long distance on foot. The horses however take the riders to places, which reflect the genuine characteristics of the region, and during the tour the riders can also experience unique features in nature, which they may think are non-existent anymore.

The sand dunes, the flat land, the long distances? These are features in the region that suit best the type of horses we breed in our stud. The Akhal Teke is a breed that ancient Magyars rode during the conquest of the land of Hungary today. This horse is famous for its high level of comfort - an ancient treasure from the mystical world of the Orient.

US$ 771
per tourist for 8 days
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Csongrád-Csanád vármegye, Ópusztaszer
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Photo Regő C.
Regő C. is the provider of this trip
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During our riding tours you can discover the landscape while, riding on the horses of the Hungarian warriors, the legendary Akhal Teke. This is the breed which is unseparable from our history, and which is famous for its special comfort. Not only the horses, but also our saddles are special: They are handcrafted by the Cseppentő family, modernized for today’s riding needs and horses. They are extremely safe and comfortable, proven to be extremely usable during the tours of recent years. For those who are interested in the Akhal Teke breed or in our saddles, this tour or its short version provides a good opportunity to try them and get acquainted with the saddle.

Tour highlights

Live the Authentic Way
It is a very ancient experience, it lurks in our instincts and thrills us.
Enjoy the Nature
The largest part of our journey leads us through intact and in flora and fauna rich landscape protection area.
Ride the Akhal Teke Breed
The Akhal Teke is a breed that ancient Magyars rode during the conquest of the land of Hungary today.

Route details

Day 1

Seat yourself in our Yurt Camp, this is our first accommodation.
If i is possible test riding and look around in the Stud.
We have dinner between 18-19 o’clock.

Day 2
Riding to the river Tisza
Day 3
Riding to Kiskunmajsa
Day 4
Riding to Bugac
Day 5
Riding to Kiskoros
Day 6
Riding to Bakodpuszta
Day 7
Riding to the Dunube
Day 8


2 nights
Guest House
5 nights
2 nights

Yurts accommodated the Magyars for a longer period of time then permanent dwellings since the Magyars settled in the Carpathian Basin. This is the reason why those, who sleep in yurts with horses grazing all round may experience what life may have been like in the long-gone nomadic days thousands of years ago.

If you spend some nights in a yurt, as the night falls, you can hear the rustle of horses as they bite the grass and snort quietly, the mares in heat utter short neighs, and as time goes by, through the circular roof opening you can watch the stars gently move. In the yurts light is provided by oil lanterns, and there are no bathrooms. There are shower cabinets with hot and cold running water near the yurts.

A large yurt is also available for social events. There is room in it for 40-50 people, it has an open fireplace equipped with a large iron grid for grilling, and it is furnished with 8 tables and a serving table as well as tripods for cooking pots. Beside this yurt is a cooking area with a gas cooker and refrigerators. There is also a parking area for coaches and cars.The Kazakh and Mongolian yurts are furnished with couches, decorated with carpets, and there are also blankets inside. Each yurt can accommodate max. 6 persons (maybe one or two more), so the total capacity of the six yurts is 36-40 persons per night. We welcome groups of 8-16 persons to our equestrian tours and camps, during which relatives or friends can share a yurt at their discretion.

5 nights

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Group meeting place
Csongrád-Csanád vármegye, Ópusztaszer
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Tour conditions


  • accomodations in yurts;
  • meals;
  • riding. 


  • airplane tickets;
  • insurance;
  • personal expences.

Group size

up to 10 tourists


8 days
7 nights

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Cancellation of booking
In case of booking cancellation the next policy applies: Tourists will receive a full amount they paid for the reservation in case they cancel more than 35 days in advance of the tour start date In the event of cancellation within the period of 34 to 16 days before the tour start date - they are entitled to receive 50% of the booking amount Cancelations made within 15 days before the tour starts will not be entitled to a refund.

Tour reviews

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    15 Sep, 2022
    about provider
    We had a great time 🙂❤️
    15 Sep, 2022

Dates and Prices

  • US$ 771
    28 Sep – 5 Oct 8 days 7 nights

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