3- Day Express-Trip to Grizzly Mountain

3 days 2 nights
Weight limit
125 kg / 276 lb

For those seeking a brief yet memorable getaway, or wishing to pair it with a canoeing adventure, this trip is ideal. It transports you to the lofty heights of the mountains, where you are greeted by breathtaking vistas

On the first day you will journey to a base camp situated beside a pristine mountain brook. The following day is dedicated to discovery, with a day-long exploration starting from the base camp. On the final day you will return to the ranch. 

Broaden your horizons, upgrade your riding skills, collect unforgettable memories and enjoy breath- taking sceneries- try all this in the Yukon wilderness!

from US$ 1 274
per tourist for 3 days
Departing from
Yukon, Erik Nielsen Whitehorse Airport
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Photo Mandy  J.
Mandy J. is the provider and guide of this trip
The provider speaks: English
Mandy Johnson was born and raised in the Yukon wilderness. Many of her relatives come from a long line of horsemen. Mandy has always owned horses, and her family has been privileged enough to be able to earn a living riding horses. Mandy spends any spare time she has with her horses and family in a high mountain camp, soaking up the surroundings she knows as home. All her stallions are well- trained and well- mannered. All the guides of the tour provider are certified in Standard First Aid and CPR.

Tour highlights

Exploring Yukon
Explore Unique Places to The Yukon
Discover the untouched wilderness and vast landscapes of the Yukon. Each destination promises an adventure that is as unique as the territory itself.
Learn About the Flora and Fauna of Our Area
Embark on a journey through the lush landscapes and stunning vistas. Discover the beauty of nature you have never seen before
Viewing local wildlife
Possibly View and Photograph Wildlife
Step into the wild heart of the Yukon wildlife and give it a try to capture a local wild animal. Who knows, maybe a bear or a canine will be your photo object?

Route details

Day 1
Ride Along a Clear Mountain Stream

As the sun begins to rise on the first day of our journey, we saddle up our horses at the ranch and set out towards our base camp nestled next to a clear mountain stream. The air is crisp and cool, sending shivers down our spines as we ride through the lush green valleys and rugged terrain.

If the weather permits, we will have a quick stop to take a dip in clean mountain lakes. Once we reach the camp by the evening, we will have a delicious dinner cooked in a dutch oven just like the pioneers in the old days!

Departure from the ranch
Stop by the stream
Day 2
Explore a Wildlife Atop a Horse
Day 3
Get Back to The Ranch
Tour provider's comments

Skill level: beginners/ intermediate riders.

This vacation is perfect for folks with limited vacation time, or as a combo with a canoe trip, etc.

Horse Height Range: 14.3 to 16 hands

Tack Type: Western Tack

Horse Breed: Percheron and quarter horses




Each cabin is equipped with charming glass-door wood stoves to provide a cozy ambiance and bask in the warmth of wood heat. You can appreciate mornings and evenings in any weather on the covered porches that come with all cabins. Inside, you will find two bunk beds alongside comfortable furnishings for a restful and relaxing stay.

The newest addition, the Fox Creek Cabin, boasts ample windows for scenic views, a 1/3 loft, exquisite pine flooring, poplar ceilings, and walls constructed from fire-killed spruce logs. Almost entirely crafted from Yukon wood products, this cabin offers privacy near the creek, with a picturesque view of horses grazing in a lush pasture and the majestic mountains in the background. It is equipped with proper cooking amenities including a stove, oven, sink, and a fridge.

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Group meeting place
Yukon, Erik Nielsen Whitehorse Airport
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Weather during the tour

Weather conditions along the route
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Tour conditions


  • 2 nights accommodation;
  • horses; 
  • guides;
  • hot drinks and campfires. 


  • international flights to and from Canada; 
  • airport transfers; 
  • all meals; 
  • personal travel insurance (we encourage clients to obtain relevant travel insurance before joining the trip); 
  • additional activities;
  • taxes, gratuities and personal expenses. 

Group size

up to 8 tourists


3 days
2 nights

It's important to know

Can the itinerary sequence change?

Yes, due to unpredictable weather conditions it is possible. However, routes and daily programs will be the same. 

Should any taxes be taken into consideration?
Will it be possible to go fishing?
Cancellation of booking

Dates and Prices

  • from US$ 1 274
    29 – 31 Jul 3 days 2 nights
  • from US$ 1 274
    16 – 18 Aug 3 days 2 nights
  • from US$ 1 274
    20 – 22 Aug 3 days 2 nights

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