South America

The stunning horse riding destinations in South America offer rugged mountain trails, tropical rain forests, and incredible historic landmarks like Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley of the Incas. With its vast plains, towering mountains, and pristine lakes, Patagonia offers a variety of riding experiences to suit all levels of riders. These are the best places to ride and experience horses in South America:


Horseback in Argentina

Explore the lush mountains of Argentina on horseback for an unforgettable vacation. From the lush mountains of Patagonia to the arid steppes of the Pampas, there’s something for every rider to enjoy. Horseback riding is an integral part of gaucho culture in Argentina, and many estancias (ranches) offer horseback riding tours that allow visitors to experience this unique way of life.

Around the Traslasierra Valley tour will pair you with a gaited Peruvian Paso horse who will take you on a ride through the beautiful, remote mountains and meadows of the Traslasierra Valley. 

The Lerma Valley and Calchaqui Valley horseback riding tour includes 10 days in the Lerma Valley, a land of vibrant colors. The tour will take you through villages rich in culture and contrasting landscapes, including the Calchaqui Valleys, a pristine region of mountains, valleys, and wineries in northwestern Argentina that often appears untouched by time.


Ecuador offers many different landscapes and climates, making it a popular destination for horseback riding adventures. The country is renowned for its incredible natural experiences, including snow-capped volcanoes, lush rainforests, and cloud forests. You can ride through the Andes, explore the Amazon rainforest, or discover the hidden corners of the Galapagos Islands.

Cotopaxi Volcano, an active stratovolcano in the Andes Mountains, offers a unique experience for horseback riding. On tours around the volcano area, you can see snow-capped mountains and herds of wild horses.


Horseback riding in the desert of Uruguay

Uruguay offers an exciting horseback riding trip, blending the beauty of the countryside with the rich gaucho culture. The country includes sprawling pampas, rolling hills, picturesque coastlines, and lush green forests that are perfect for exploring by horseback riding. Uruguay is home to a wide range of wildlife, and you may see graceful rheas, elegant armadillos, or majestic jaguars on your rides.

Rocha Unforgettable Adventure is a horseback riding tour in Uruguay that includes riding along the stunning coastline of the Province of Rocha. You’ll ride along pristine beaches, through pastures, wetlands, and woodlands, and pass lagoons and shipwrecks on a thrilling tour that’s accessible for all levels of riders. You’ll also see a beautiful range of wildlife at the East Wetlands UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and SNAP Cabo Polonio National Park and enjoy dining on local food and wine.

Wild Land of Criollos offers a retreat into remote lands and you can experience the true gaucho lifestyle. The horseback riding tour explores wetlands, beaches, dunes, grasslands, and more along lands by UNESCO and Ramsar. This is the perfect tour for an authentic taste of the local gaucho life. 


Horseback riding tour through a volcanic valley in Chile

Chile is a prime horseback riding destination. The coastal country offers a breathtaking array of natural beauty, from the snow-capped Andes Mountains to the arid Atacama Desert, the verdant Valdivian Forest, and the turquoise waters of Patagonia’s lakes and fjords. You'll find abundant riding experiences through different terrain, from leisurely jaunts through peaceful meadows to challenging treks through rugged mountain trails and serene forests.

Crossing the Andes Chile and Argentina takes you through the sweeping vistas and rugged mountains of the Andes Mountains on horseback. On this unforgettable ride, you’ll navigate along the snow-capped volcanoes of the Chilean Andes, sparkling mountain lakes, and tropical rainforests.

Nalcas Reserve Holiday is a horseback riding tour through a volcanic valley and along beaches in a vast Chilean National Reserve. The ride includes beautiful natural views of Laguna Blanca, the volcano Lonquimay, and Laguna Verde.


Girl with a horse in Peru

Horseback riding offers a thrilling way to sightsee Peru's iconic landmarks. Peru boasts a remarkable variety of places to explore, from the snow-capped peaks of the Andes Mountains to the stark deserts of the coast, the lush rainforests of the Amazon, and the pristine beaches of the Pacific Ocean. Whether you want to see the legendary Machu Picchu or explore ancient Incan civilizations, you can do it all on horseback in Peru.

Inca Villages Trail to Machu Picchu offers a unique ride through Andean highlands with stunning views of the red mountains, including wildlife such as llamas, alpacas, condors, and wild horses. You’ll also experience Incan culture and learn about the vibrant traditions that make the area one of a kind. The tour culminates in visiting Machu Picchu for a trip to remember.

Sacred Valley Ride winds through the enchanting Sacred Valley to experience the Zurite Incan culture and historic sites in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, also known as the Urubamba Valley. The valley is named for the many important Inca archaeological sites that are located there, including the ancient city of Pisac, the fortress of Ollantaytambo, and the archaeological site of Moray.

Central America

Central America is a scenic place to horseback ride, with a wide variety of landscapes, cultures, and historic sites. The tropical region includes white sandy beaches, rainforests, and indigenous cultural sites. These are some of the top horse riding destinations in Central America:

Costa Rica

Horse riders in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the top destinations in the world for eco-friendly tourism and rich natural beauty. A horseback riding tour is ideal for seeing the country’s pristine rainforests and remarkable wildlife. You can ride through the cloud forests of Monteverde or explore the beaches and mangroves of the Pacific coast. Costa Rica is also known for its friendly people, delicious food, and vibrant culture, and it is a popular place for healing and wellness retreats.

Golden Hill Trail is a horseback riding tour that will take you through the varying terrains of Costa Rica, including hills, cloud forests, meadows, and a waterfall.

Healing with Horses Retreat includes relaxing rides by tranquil beaches and picturesque mountains for a rejuvenating experience in Costa Rica. The family-friendly experience is open to all levels of riders.


Woman kisses a horse in Panama

Panama offers a host of horseback riding opportunities, with landscapes ranging from the Darién Gap's lush rainforests to the Cordillera Central's towering mountains. Whether you’re a new rider or a seasoned one, you can experience the best of Panama on horseback. The Central American country is home to the Panama Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can also ride through the Emberá indigenous villages of the Darién Gap.

Panama is home to many cultures, including the indigenous people of the Guna Yala and Emberá tribes. Horseback riding tours often take you through these communities, allowing you to experience the native way of life firsthand.

Panama Jungle Adventure offers an excursion to the mountain hamlet of Santa Fe, Veraguas, offering unforgettable views and a laid-back pace of life.

Other Regions

In addition to these fantastic horseback riding trips to South America and Central America, you can explore more stunning horseback riding trails in the neighboring regions of southern North America and the Caribbean islands. These are some of the best horse riding retreats in Latin America:

Dominican Republic

Horse riders in Dominican Republic

If you’ve always wanted to ride horseback on the beach amidst swaying palm trees, the Dominican Republic is the perfect place. The Caribbean country offers incredible white sandy beaches along the coast and lush rainforests. The Dominican Republic has a rich history, with historic sites such as the colonial city of Santo Domingo and the ruins of La Isabela. 

Dominican Paradise Adventure allows you to swim with horses, relax at the beach, and ride by white sandy beaches, cascading waterfalls, lush forests, and local villages for a trip to remember. 


Horse riders in Mexico

Mexico offers excellent horseback riding tours to explore the country’s diverse landscapes, including the snow-covered peaks of the Sierra Madre Mountains, the Chihuahuan Desert, the rainforests of the Yucatán Peninsula, and the picturesque beaches of the Pacific Coast. With many cultural influences and ancient Mayan ruins, Mexico has plenty of historic sites you can take in while horseback riding.

Haciendas Holiday gives you an authentic Mexican holiday in the Lagos de Moreno region of Jalisco. You’ll ride along sections of the old Camino Real de Tierra Adentro, also called the Silver Route, an ancient trade route connecting Mexico City with San Juan Pueblo, New Mexico.

Latin America offers many inspiring places to explore on horseback. With rugged mountains, white sandy beaches, sweeping meadows, and iconic historic sites, there is something for every rider. Whether you’re a new rider or have been riding for years, you can experience the magic of South America and Central America with intimate horseback riding tours. Tours for riders of all levels can show you the landscapes, cultures, and wildlife that make the region a top travel destination.