Portugal Horse Riding Holidays: Explore Heritage Trails and Scenic Views

This European country is full of wonderful places that are accessible on horseback. Here are the best places for horse riding vacations in Portugal:

Historic Routes

When you go on the Taejo International Park Holiday, you’ll ride along the Spanish-Portuguese border where you’ll find breathtaking landscapes. But the highlight of this tour is the history you’ll find.

Visit the medieval village of Marvão, a town on a hill with incredible views of the area. Surrounding the village are 13th-century walls that are still intact, and the only way into the village is through a narrow medieval archway. You’ll also see Ammaia, an ancient Roman city built in the first century AD that’s now in ruins. It was only recently discovered as a historical site and studied because for years it was thought to be a villa.

Or check out another historical tour, Borderline Adventure: Between Portugal and Spain. On this week-long adventure, you’ll explore the International Natural Park of the Tagus and traverse the border between Portugal and Spain using historic smuggling paths. Along the way, you’ll see mountains, plains, rivers, canyons, and a lake. Here you may find eagles, vultures, foxes, and rabbits.

Meander through Marvão as if you’ve traveled back in time to the Middle Ages. See Portage, a town named for its historic role as a toll point for people crossing the border in medieval times. Uncover Castelo de Vide, a municipality known for its medieval castle and Jewish quarter. Ride through an area full of dolmens—neolithic tombs made of large stones.

Group on horseback in the International Natural Park of the Tagus

Beach Riding

When it comes to Portugal's equestrian tourism, you can’t forget the beach. On the Faial Island Trail: Riding 3 Days tour, you’ll travel to the beautiful island of Faial, which offers wonderful trails and attractions. Enjoy the Atlantic Ocean by riding on the sand, going whale and dolphin watching, relaxing on the black beaches, and swimming in the waves. Spend 3 days riding the Faial Island Trail, which lets you traverse volcanic landscapes and ride among gorgeous hydrangea hedges. Visit the charming ocean-side town of Horta, swim in lava-rock pools, and enjoy the luxury accommodation, which includes a pool, sauna, and delicious meals.

There is also the Faial Island Trail tour, which focuses on the trail for its duration. On this tour, you’ll be able to truly experience this captivating horse trail and all that it has to offer. Traverse paths that have been shaped by volcanic activity and marine life. Ride through vineyards and learn about the life all around you. Stop at whale watching points to see the beautiful creatures and take a tour with local marine biologists.

From the back of your horse, you’ll come face-to-face with the best attractions of the Azores. See Caldeira, the massive stratovolcano and the highest mountain on the island, reaching more than 3200 feet (1000 m) above sea level. Check out the Capelinhos volcano, a monogenetic volcano, which means it only erupts once. But don’t worry, this volcano already erupted in 1958.

If you’re hoping to recenter yourself on a vacation, the Azores Yoga and Horses tour is the perfect option. Not only does this tour include beach riding, but it also includes beach yoga. You can participate in beginner or advanced yoga sessions at the studio or on the sand. Breathe in the fresh sea air and breathe out all of your worries.

You’ll also explore Faial Island on horseback, riding along stunning cliffs, visiting the volcanos, and picnicking along the trail. Take a whale watching tour with a team of marine biologists, and stroll around the beautiful town of Horta. After your days of exploring, you’ll have a relaxing yoga class to help you unwind.

Looking to improve your horse riding skills? The Dressage Training and Trails tour will help you do just that. In the beautiful area around Braga in Northern Portugal, you can gallop along the Atlantic Coast, go wine tasting, and train with expert instructors. You’ll have your share of lessons and trail rides on this tour. You can also explore a nearby village, and you’ll have plenty of free time to relax or get some more practice.

Two girls riding horses on the background of the sea

Mountain Tours

You can also take Portugal horse trails on the Northern Portugal Mountain Paths tour, the perfect horse riding tour for nature lovers. Ride among the rugged loveliness of Peneda-Gerês National Park and Corno do Bico Protected Landscape.

The national park is home to deer, wolves, golden eagles, and the rare Garrano horses. Enjoy being the only people around for miles. Take the Trail of the Deceased down the mountain, which sounds much more menacing than it is. It was used to transport mountain dwellers to cemeteries near the main villages. Corno do Bico Protected Landscape is composed of wood and grassland systems and well-preserved oak forests. Observe the animals in their natural state, trot through a picturesque valley, and visit charming villages nearby.

On the Wild Paths of Northern Portugal tour, you can also see Corno de Bico’s protected landscape of forests, fields, and diverse flora and fauna. Gallop over rolling hills, through dense forests, and along meandering rivers. It’s a great spot for birdwatching; you may see eagles, falcons, and owls on your trip.

Take an expedition to a stunning vantage point where you can enjoy a clear view of the Atlantic Coast and the beautiful sky and clean air. Encounter an old forestry guard post and take the trail to the small historic village of Bico. Visit the Enchanted Forest of Miranda, a picturesque place where trees have been strategically planted to help protect the wildlife in extreme weather.

A group of tourists on horseback in the mountains of Portugal

Wilderness Riding

Explore Peneda-Gerês National Park on the Wolf and Wild Horse Territory Trail. This area is home to the Iberian wolf, a subspecies of grey wolf. The species has been isolated from other wolf populations for over a century. On this tour, you can ride through their territory and see their tracks. You may even spot a couple of the animals. You’ll also have the chance to see some wild horses. But even if you don’t see the wolves or horses, the surrounding area is a sight to behold with gorgeous mountains, forests, valleys, and rivers.

This tour is 5 days and 4 nights, but if that’s just not long enough, you can opt for the longer version instead, which is 8 days and 7 nights. Tailored for nature lovers, on this tour, you’ll have more time to explore the beauty of the Iberian Peninsula. Explore the natural pools of the Laboreiro River, ride along well-worn trails, take in the loveliness of Peneda Mountain, and soak in hot thermal baths.

On your rides, you’ll also be able to visit historic medieval villages with old churches and castles, including the village of Melgaço. Visit Castelo de Castro Laboreiro, the ruins of a Romanesque castle that dates back to the 9th century. In the evenings, participate in meditation and yoga classes to wind down.

Or go on the Eagle Eye Trail, which is designed for more experienced riders and offers more full riding days than the above tours. Accommodation is in an ancient stone hamlet that’s been restored. During this tour, you’ll meet wild horses, visit villages from the Middle Ages, and enjoy yoga and other activities.

Take a scenic path over Peneda Mountain towards the origin of the Laboreiro River and visit the national park’s visitor center to learn about the area. Ride to impressive megalithic monuments, taste delicious local white wine, and visit the amazing Valley of the Wolves, which is known for its diverse wildlife.

Girls riding horses explore Peneda-Gerês National Park


If you’re looking to get out into nature or experience history, Portugal has so many options. From beach rides to ancient castles to rare wildlife, the choices for horse riding vacations in Portugal are nothing short of amazing. Browse more horseback tours in Portugal with our catalog of fantastic tours.

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