Blue Wilderness Trail

5.0 (4)
5 days 4 nights
Weight limit
102 kg / 225 lb

The Blue Wilderness, located on the Arizona/New Mexico border, has been the focus of an impressive ten-year effort of exploration and discovery. This little-known and underutilized region of America's untamed landscape has been our passion to explore, and the vast natural beauty we've encountered has been our ultimate reward. These historic trails were once traveled by the Spaniards in search of gold and silver, as well as by the Apaches on their journeys between Arizona and New Mexico. The area features unusual and stunning rock formations, such as towering hoodoos, striking white rock formations and sculpted rock formations reminiscent of Utah or even the Moon. 

This remarkable country is home to large herds of elk, mule deer and bear, which roam freely due to the extreme remoteness of the area. One of the greatest benefits of exploring the Blue is the fact that it sees very little human use. Overall, it offers a truly grand and awe-inspiring wilderness experience at its finest!

US$ 1 446 US$ 1 660
per tourist for 5 days
Departing from
New Mexico, Catron County, Glenwood
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Photo James M.
James M. is the provider of this trip
The provider speaks: English, German
My expertise in horsemanship training and leading wilderness pack adventures enables me to share the knowledge I've acquired from spending the majority of my life on horseback in remote, wild conditions. Navigating challenging terrain influences the structure of my workshops to ensure a safe, stable and sustainable experience for both horses and riders. Discover the advantages of a strong bond between horse and rider through practical, real-life lessons that can enhance your overall well-being.

Tour highlights

Narrow Slot Canyon Riding
Exploring tight slot canyons allows for a thrilling experience of being able to reach out and touch the walls on both sides
Spectacular Views In-All-Directions
Plenty of views in all directions - north, south, east and west
Camping in the Wilderness
A comfortable camp offers wall tents, cots - everything to make your stay comfortable and warm

Route details

Day 1
Our Adventure Begins

We gather at our ranch and then head to the border of New Mexico and Arizona. We will journey into Arizona's Blue Wilderness, also known as the Blue Primitive Area, by horseback through a narrow canyon to reach a 400-year-old Spanish mining symbol, a fascinating historical site carved into a tree some 400 years ago. Spaniards, at the time, forced Indian slaves to do the mining. Long ago, there was a lot of human activity in the Blue. From there, we can take in a breathtaking view of the valley.

The Blue Wilderness is located in the farthest reaches of America, on the eastern border of Arizona, and is rarely visited or observed. Its distinctive characteristics make it one of the most historically significant and picturesque horseback riding destinations in the country.

Meals included: lunch and dinner

Day 2
Blue Wilderness Loop
Day 3
Day 4
Talc Uprising
Day 5
We Go Back
Tour provider's comments

Tack: Western.
Horses: Quarter horses, Mustangs and Appaloosas.
Pace: Slow.

4-6 hours in the saddle per riding day.

You should be in good health and in good shape as the ride take place in mountain terrain. 



4 nights
4 nights
Tent Camping

Large tents with cots. Comfortable tent camping, cots, kitchen, toilets, showers, and chairs around a campfire. Always staying warm and dry. 

Tickets to group meeting place

Group meeting place
New Mexico, Catron County, Glenwood
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Weather during the tour

Weather conditions along the route
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Tour conditions


  • accommodation;
  • meals;
  • riding;
  • taxes;
  • transfers from/to Glenwood;
  • guide.


  • sleeping bags and some camping gear (check the packing list);
  • flights;
  • Glenwood or Reserve NM motel accommodation Day 0;
  • dinner Day 0;
  • breakfast Day 1;
  • tips and personal expenses.

Group size

up to 10 tourists


5 days
4 nights

It's important to know

Personal equipment you need for the tour

Maximum Duffel Weight Including Sleeping Bag - 35 lbs.
Fast access items can be stored in saddle bags. Please pack light!

• duffel bag - multi-small, soft duffel preferred;
• sleeping bag;
• sleeping bag liner or blanket;
• ground pad;
• rain gear or slicker;
• jeans/long sleeve shirt;
• comfortable camp shoes;
• gloves;
• hat with a brim;
• flashlight;
• jacket;
• sweater;
• sunglasses;
• personal medical items;
• personal first aid kit;
• wash kit;
• chapstick, sunblock;
• camera and film;

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Tour reviews

Based on 4 reviews
  • L
    21 Feb, 2024
    about provider
    Gosh, what an incredible experience venturing into the wild on muleback! Sally, my trusty mule, was amazing and totally steady on her feet. I loved being fully present, soaking in the changing light of the day and admiring those rare wildflowers in the Gila Wilderness. Sleeping like a log after our long rides and waking up fresh at dawn was bliss. And let me tell you, after living on bland backpacking grub I had to lug around, having real milk in my coffee and butter on toast was a game changer! What made it even better was how flexible the trip was. The crew knew the area and weather so well that plans evolved naturally. This wasn't your run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter tourist trip. It was a genuine, dynamic adventure. Sure, there are places tailored for comfort, but this was the real deal! And the care for the horses blew me away. Some were even allowed to roam around camp! That speaks volumes about Jim, the leader, and his bond with his animals. I bombarded him with questions about managing such a large herd, but he took it all in stride. Can't wait to come back and explore more!
    21 Feb, 2024
  • F
    26 Sep, 2022
    about provider
    Sorry there aren't higher ratings to choose from ... because this experience easily deserves a perfect score. The Gila Wilderness alone is absolutely mind-blowing ... especially the journeys up & down the middle fork. Jim's team not only provided hearty meals but also spun campfire "tales", taller than the canyon walls we crossed over a 100 times! The horses & mules deserve another perfect score for their incredible sure-footedness and strength carrying our gear! A special shoutout to Cisco, the massive mule who chased bears and craved bread ... and Bombs Away for record-breaking stubbornness ... Charley, my personal "superstar" ... honestly, all of them were a non-stop show. The cliff dwellings were truly inspiring! and Jim M.'s 30+ years of guiding pack trips showcased his top-notch skills, making this adventure one of the most fulfilling escapes you could ever hope for in this crazy world! HCA
    26 Sep, 2022
  • E
    9 Sep, 2022
    about provider
    A sudden rush of joy in your heart... just imagine the sheer beauty, the amazing things you see & hear... Mother Nature showing off her best, respected and honored by our guide & crew. It's like Yosemite, but without the crowds and totally untouched. Families looking for the ultimate nature experience absolutely NEED to check this out!
    9 Sep, 2022

Dates and Prices

  • US$ 1 446 US$ 1 660
    23 – 27 Mar, 2025 5 days 4 nights
  • US$ 1 446 US$ 1 660
    6 – 10 Apr, 2025 5 days 4 nights
  • US$ 1 446 US$ 1 660
    20 – 24 Apr, 2025 5 days 4 nights
  • US$ 1 446 US$ 1 660
    27 Apr – 1 May, 2025 5 days 4 nights

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