About Horse Tours Club

What is Horse Tours Club?

Horse Tours Club is a platform for searching and booking worldwide horse riding tours. We provide unique and unforgettable holiday experiences on horseback for those who enjoy the thrill of horseback riding and the beauty of nature.

Why should I use the Horse Tours Club online service?

Booking a tour with us has many benefits! We offer over 300 tours around the world, organized by experienced experts. We are a professional community of horse riders and we will assist you in choosing the best tour for you. You will be directly connected to the tour provider without any intermediaries, meaning you won't have to worry about overpayments or hidden commissions. Additionally, providers offer the best price available on the market and all payments are secured online.

How can I book a horse riding tour?

You can easily find and book an amazing horse riding tour on our website. Just use the convenient search feature and various filters at the catalog pages to do it. Once you have chosen a horseback tour, click on the "Book now" button to purchase it. If you have any questions with your equestrian journey before booking a tour you can also contact the tour provider directly.

How do we check tour providers?

Verification of all independent guides is carried out by means of a comprehensive assessment, according to the following criteria:

  • verification of the identity card is perfomed by the partner of Digital Security Technologies LLC (sumsub.com): personal data processing operator;

  • formal screening (checking legal entities, questionnaires);

  • checking the media space (social networks, customer reviews, recommendations from partners, representation in the online space, etc.);

  • expert assessment (interview, qualification check, clarification of travel safety issues);

our emotional assessment (we assess tours in terms of whether we can send our relatives on such a trip).

The final decision on the admission of the tour expert to the placement of their tours on the YouGo platform is subjective. We work daily to ensure that the trip of our tourists is both unforgettable and safe, so we carefully check all the providers of the tours.

After each trip, we collect feedback from the participants of the trip in order to control the quality of the providers. If we receive bad reviews, the author can be permanently removed from the platform.

How is feedback collected?

After the tour has finished, each participant receives an email with a link to a page where they can rate their experience, provide feedback, and give advice for future travelers. The reviews are then published on the tour page for other users to read. Note that all reviews are written by real travelers who have booked and gone on a tour through Horse Tours Club, and no changes are made to the text.