6 Days of Unbridled Adventure in Montana Wilderness

6 days 5 nights
Weight limit
102 kg / 225 lb

Take on a journey to the breathtaking beauty of the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex, a natural wonderland like no other.

While our 3- day and 5- day trips offer a tantalizing taste, a longer journey unlocks the full majesty of this untamed landscape. With an extra day, you will have more time to track the elusive big game, discover rare and exotic flora and fauna, and reel in the trout of a lifetime. Wander at your own pace, venturing into the unspoiled heart of this majestic wilderness, where human footprints are few and far between!

from US$ 3 150
per tourist for 6 days
Departing from
Montana, Flathead County, Kalispell City
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Photo Jessica B.
Jessica B. is the provider of this trip
The provider speaks: English
Jessica has been riding horses for as long as she could remember, and she doesn't plan on stopping any time soon! She grew up riding dressage in the Midwest of the United States. When she graduated college with a B.S. in biological sciences she knew she wanted to move out west. She moved to Montana in 2017 to pursue a career as a backcountry trail riding guide. She fell in love with the Montana way of life and quickly realized she wanted to get further and further in to the back country. She was captivated by the traditional art of mule packing and back country pack trips. After going on her first multi-day trip last summer, she decided she needed to share this experience with the equestrian world. She would love to get you and your family and friends on the trip of a lifetime into the wilderness of northwestern Montana. She is here to answer any of your questions and she hopes to hear from you soon!

The tour guides you'll probably meet as well

Photo Matt
Meet your backcountry guide, Matt! Raised on a family homestead in the picturesque Sweetgrass Hills of Montana, Matt’s love for the wilderness began early. At just 12 years old, he was already exploring the tallest buttes in the lower 48 states. His journey from youthful adventurer to seasoned guide is nothing short of epic. After high school, Matt dove headfirst into the wilderness, working for the Flying Eagle Guest Ranch. His early experiences were filled with challenging and unforgettable moments, including an extraordinary snow-in that required a governor's order to plow them out. Throughout his career, Matt has worked with numerous outfitters across the Bob Marshall, Great Bear, and Scapegoat Wilderness areas, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to every expedition. His expertise led him to positions with the Forest Service and Glacier National Park, where he undertook significant tasks like packing gravel on the Cracker Lake trail and packing posts into the Belly River Ranger Station. A pivotal moment came when Matt decided to be closer to his son, guiding locally in the Bitterroot. Once his son graduated, Matt yearned for the backcountry again. Initially seeking a simple life in the woods, Matt’s leadership skills quickly made him the camp manager. Matt’s passion lies in teaching and mentoring young guides and packers. He believes in making the learning process enjoyable and less daunting. His joy comes from improving the camp, ensuring guests have an unforgettable experience, and sharing the art of packing with others. Living in a tent, away from the bustle of the outer world, gives Matt a profound sense of peace and grounding. He cherishes the simple yet rewarding life of waking up to a hot cup of coffee, walking over to the corral and hearing the stock come down for their morning feed. For Matt, the wilderness is not just a workplace—it’s a way of life that keeps him connected to the raw beauty of the world.

Tour highlights

Montana landscape
Enjoy the View 6,000 Feet Above Sea Level
Take a ride to the upper camp and have a hearty meal in the shade of old growth cedars
Local alpine lake
Take a Dip in Clear Alpine Lakes
Discover the serene beauty of local alpine lakes to take a refreshing dip or cast a line for the native cutthroat trout
Riding in the mountains
Reach Higher Peaks via Ride and Hike
Ascend to breathtaking heights on horseback riding towards the majestic peaks, then dismount and hike further upwards to observe the mountain goats

Route details

Day 1
Reach the Top Height Heading Towards the Upper Camp

Get on an exciting journey as we depart from the base camp bound for the breathtaking upper camp situated at the pinnacle of Lion Creek Basin located 6,000 feet above sea level

This full- day ride promises to be an unforgettable adventure with a leisurely picnic lunch amidst the majestic shade of ancient cedar trees, providing a serene respite from the saddle. 

Woman getting acquainted with a horse
Cedar trees
Day 2
Riding, Hiking or Fishing? Choose your option (Sat, Sun, Mon, Tue)
Day 3
Riding, Hiking or Fishing? Choose your option (Sat, Sun, Mon, Tue)
Day 4
Riding, Hiking or Fishing? Choose your option (Sat, Sun, Mon, Tue)
Day 5
Riding, Hiking or Fishing? Choose your option (Sat, Sun, Mon, Tue)
Day 6
Final Scenic Descent Down the Mountain
Tour provider's comments

In order to join this tour riding experience is not obligatory, however, equestrians better be in good physical shape. 

We deal with long endurance style rides ranging from 2 to 6 hours in steep exposed terrain. Not recommended for anyone with a fear of heights.

Horse Breed: Western horse

Tack Type: Western 




For summer trips there are a variety of options close to our location in the Swan Valley

There are either hotels in Bigfork and Kalispell we can recommend or lodges and camping in Swan Lake or we have a VRBO with 2 geodesic domes plus a log cabin on 10 beautiful and peaceful wooded acres.

Please kindly contact us for all the details in advance and our reservationists will suggest the most suitable options. 

Travel recommendations

Group meeting place
Montana, Flathead County, Kalispell City
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Tour conditions


  • food; 
  • 6 riding days; 
  • tour guides;
  • horses;
  • tack;
  • tents; 
  • beds; 
  • stoves.


  • international flights to and from the US; 
  • tips and personal expenses;
  • travel insurance (we encourage clients to obtain relevant travel insurance before visiting the US); 
  • fishing license;
  • gratuities; 
  • travel cost;
  • lodging pre and post trip. 

Group size

up to 8 tourists


6 days
5 nights

It's important to know

Personal equipment you need for the tour

Pack all your items in a duffle bag. 

The following is a list of items you should pack: 

  • 2 pair jeans;
  • Long sleeved flannel shirt or middle layer;
  • 2- 3 light shirts;
  • Base layers especially if you are coming in September;
  • Sleeping bag (20 deg. or warmer) & pillow if you prefer;
  • Raingear, pants & coat;
  • Extra shoes for camp; 
  • Small flashlight & batteries (headlamps are best);
  • 3 pair hiking socks wicking or smartwool;
  • Good hiking boots;
  • Cowboy hat or ball cap;
  • Wool cap or beanie for evenings;
  • Smooth bottom or cowboy/ riding boots or shoes;
  • Scarf or buff – for riding while the trails are dusty; 
  • Insect repellent (the more deet the better); 
  • Towel;
  • Sports bra (for our women guests); 
  • Sun screen at least 15 spf;
  • Personal toiletries (ibuprofen, baby powder);
  • Binoculars;
  • Fanny pack or small back pack;
  • Long johns to sleep in;
  • Wool or down vest;
  • 2 water bottles- 32 oz total capacity or better; 
  • Cash for tips; 
  • A great attitude!

Optional items: 

  • External phone charger (Mofi or Goal Zero);
  • Book for reading at night; 
  • GPS; 
  • Thermos if you would like to bring coffee in your saddle bag; 
  • Seat pad for saddle; 
  • Fishing gear; 
  • Fishing license if you plan on fishing. 

!!! Remember when packing that although it is summer, it can get quite cool in the evenings up in the mountains.

!!! We do not provide alcoholic beverages or pop, although it is permissible to bring your own.

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