Sweden Frosty Trails

7 days 6 nights
Weight limit
90 kg / 198 lb

Join us for an exhilarating winter week with our Icelandic horses, where you can engage in a variety of activities. Experience the thrill of riding through snowy landscapes, forest trails both in daylight and under the stars. 

In addition to riding tours, you'll have the opportunity to take riding classes, visit the renowned ICEHOTEL, ride snowmobiles and go reindeer sledding. Immerse yourself in the Sami culture with local guides who are deeply knowledgeable about the area and its traditions. 

You'll find tranquility and spend ample time in nature, with the chance to witness the northern lights, reindeer, moose and other wildlife. Your visit promises an authentic and thrilling adventure.

US$ 2 193 US$ 2 592
per tourist for 7 days
Departing from
Norrbotten, Kiruna, Puoltsa
Tour starts
Available dates
Number of individuals
up to 10 tourists over 12 years old
Only in the Horse Tours Club
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Photo Kerstin N.
Kerstin N. is the provider of this trip
The provider speaks: English
An Icelandic horse rider who have had a tourist company for more than 25 years. I like to educate horses and riders and go on tours with them. Live on a farm in the really north of Sweden. Love nature, handicraft, animals.

Tour highlights

Lapland Travel
Try Reindeer Sledging
This is incredibly fun!
Go Snowmobiling
This is a great way to get out and experience the arctic
Behold the Northern Lights
A phenomenon to remember!
Trip to Kiruna
We'll see the town, the local Sami museum and the famous ICEHOTEL
Sweden Riding
Winter Wonderland Riding
Enjoy a cozy winter farm getaway riding around mountains and forests
Relax in the Sauna
Perfect after a long ride!

Route details

Day 1
First Trail

After transfer to our farm you start with a riding class in the afternoon to get familiar with the horses and the tölt. 

We eat a 3-course dinner together after. Outside the window you will hopefully see moose and northern lights.

During this week you stay overnight in a house on our small horse farm with double rooms, shared kitchen/living room and bathroom. Our farm is beautiful located close the Kalix river west of Kiruna in a small village. 

Day 2
Snowmobiling and Northern Lights Ride
Day 3
Reindeer, Sami Culture and ICEHOTEL
Day 4
Kiruna/Dog Sledging
Day 5
Forest Ride and Sauna
Day 6
On Horseback
Day 7
Tour provider's comments

Riding experience is required, you can ride in faster gaits than walk.

Breed: Icelandic

Tack: English



Guest House
6 nights

You can exchange one of the nights on the farm for a night at the ICEHOTEL (2p in double ice room SEK 3900 p/p) Single room SEK 6900 p/p.

6 nights
Our Farm Houses

We are situated 25 kilometers west of Kiruna, in the direction of Nikkaluokta, offering a breathtaking view of the mountains and Kalix River. During winter, you can witness the mesmerizing northern lights, while in summer, you can experience the enchanting midnight sun. If you desire to live amidst nature, have the opportunity to spot animals like moose from your window, and enjoy tranquility, this is the perfect place for you.

At our horse farm, we have two houses available for rent. The first house features three bedrooms, a shared kitchen and two bathrooms, accommodating 1-6 people. The kitchen is fully equipped, and you can purchase your own groceries in Kiruna. The second house can accommodate 1-5 people and has one bathroom. 

Additionally, we have a sauna located by the riverbank. You can take leisurely walks in the forest or on the river, go skiing, try the 'kick' (a traditional Swedish sled) or explore the surroundings with snowshoes. If you prefer not to cook, we provide the option to order meals from us. We also offer winter clothing rentals if needed, including overalls, hats, gloves and boots for SEK 150.

Travel recommendations

Group meeting place
Norrbotten, Kiruna, Puoltsa
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Tour conditions


  • accommodation;
  • full board;
  • riding equipment with helmets;
  • warm outdoor clothes;
  • all activities in the program;
  • transfer Kiruna;
  • Swedish and English-speaking guide.


  • flights;
  • extra accommodation;
  • extra meals.

Group size

up to 10 tourists


7 days
6 nights

It's important to know

Tell me about your farm

At present, we house approximately 25 Icelandic horses, some of which are privately owned. The farm also accommodates the stable cat, Lunar, along with two goats and dogs. During winter, the farm often sees a significant presence of moose. 

What kind of food will be served?
Cancellation of booking

Dates and Prices

  • US$ 2 193 US$ 2 592
    15 – 21 Dec 7 days 6 nights
  • US$ 2 193 US$ 2 592
    29 Dec, 2024 – 4 Jan, 2025 7 days 6 nights
  • US$ 2 193 US$ 2 592
    12 – 18 Jan, 2025 7 days 6 nights
  • US$ 2 193 US$ 2 592
    26 Jan – 1 Feb, 2025 7 days 6 nights
  • US$ 2 193 US$ 2 592
    9 – 15 Feb, 2025 7 days 6 nights

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