Pilot Mountain Trek: Experience the Wild Beauty of the Yukon

5.0 (1)
5 days 4 nights
Weight limit
90 kg / 198 lb

Escape the hustle and bustle of civilization and experience the Yukon on horseback as it was a century ago. Enjoy the wildlife and scenery - we know the spots!

Follow the footsteps of Klondike gold seekers, visit the historic Lake Laberge, cross the Flat Creek Pass, spot the Dall sheep and grizzly bear and reach Pilot mountain.

Check camping, packing and wildlife viewing off your bucket list; a perfect opportunity for photographer enthusiasts to come out. We get you up on the mountains, down in the valleys and close to the wildlife- we take you in the most untouched and surreal parts of the Yukon that will actually take your breath away!

from US$ 1 844
per tourist for 5 days
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Yukon, Erik Nielsen Whitehorse Airport
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Photo Deb  W.
Deb W. is the provider and guide of this trip
The provider speaks: English
The love of the wilderness and being outside has always made up a big part of my life – the craving of my existence. Ever since I was a young child, a day has never gone by that I don’t think about the outdoors, or I am involved with it in some way or another. I live, work, play and even sleep outside. At the age of 17, I couldn’t take the confinement of the civilized theme any more and I headed north to Northwest Territories; the following spring to the Yukon and Northern B.C. I was going to live in the bush and become a trapper. So that’s what I did for the next 9 years. In addition to the work, I met my soulmate, a seasoned trapper after whom I named my son. However, I wanted to experience and live in the wilderness by myself with my dog Oona, so I would trap on a fly-in mountain line from October to January, snowshoeing to and from the cabins that my partner and I had built together. I brought in no radio, and said to the pilot, “See you in 3 months.” I loved it. There were many challenges, but it was raw and free. After that, my partner and I would come back together and live and trap until April on his line. Other than the mountain line, we did everything together until he passed of cancer in 1989. I ran into an outfitter at the age of 30 and started guiding for sheep, caribou, moose and bear. Over the years, I have guided for outfitters in Northern B.C, Yukon, and NWT and covered countless mountains by air, horseback, and foot. I’ve seen a large portion of the Yukon from the air, but mostly on horseback. When I wasn’t guiding, my son and I would go with our own horses for a month at a time covering hundreds of miles through the mountains. At 29 years old, I went to school and became a farrier – something I still am today. I also practised Equine Therapy and Dentistry. During that same time, I picked up the chainsaw and became a Faller, and since became a certified Faller and tutor. I used to fall and clean up dangerous trees on Siesmic Programs and later supervise it. I also pursued the extermination of the Mountain Pine Beetle the last 13 years as a surveyor and faller. I couldn’t get enough of the bush, but more so, the Wild Places, so back in 2009 I started buying and training horses. My son and I went to the mountains a lot then, including friends here and there. Everyone would say “Deb, why don’t you run your own horsepacking tours?” Well, I finally have... and here we are! Our trips are raw and beautiful, wild and breathtaking, hard yet simple, full of adventure and peace.

Tour highlights

Equestrians exploring the Yukon
Step Back in Time
Escape the modern world and experience the Yukon as it was a century ago, following the footsteps of Klondike gold seekers on horseback
Yukon landscape
Wildlife Encounters
Our expert guides know the best spots for wildlife viewing, bringing you closer to the incredible creatures that call the Yukon home
Yukon landscape
Unforgettable Scenery and Photography
Capture stunning photographs of the scenery and wildlife, making this trip a dream come true for photography enthusiasts

Route details

Day 1
Follow the Footsteps of Gold Seekers

A hearty breakfast fuels our adventure, followed by safety instructions and introductions to our trusty horses. We will then embark on a journey that echoes the footsteps of Klondike gold seekers as we ride up a mountain ridge overlooking historic Lake Laberge. 

After a lunch break with stunning alpine views, we will continue through the next valley, heading towards our scenic campsite for the night, where we can reflect on the stories of those who came before us.

Riders in the mountains
Horses in the mountains
Day 2
Cross the Flat Creek Pass
Day 3
Spot the Dall Sheep and Grizzly Bear
Day 4
Reach Pilot Mountain
Day 5
Final Day of Exploring
Tour provider's comments

In order to join this tour you must be physically fit and have some horse riding experience so that you can ride your horse up to 5 hours in one day. You must be able to walk up steep grades at times, endure wind, rain, and even snow. This trip, however, is not for everyone, you must enjoy and yearn for the true Yukon wilderness and have experience in riding, walking, camping, and enduring all kinds of weather in mountain terrain. 

Horse Breed: Mountain horses

Tack Type: Western 




You will share tents with your friend, partner, or another participant

If requested we will provide a tent for each (double or single).

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION : Our guests are welcome to stay the night in our Klondike cabin, which can include an evening meal. If you stay, we will drive you back to Whitehorse the next morning. If you wish to go to Whitehorse the night you get in from the trip, we will take you in. We provide all camping equipment, horse equipment, horses, all food, and first aid. We will rent sleeping bags and thermarests for you if needed. Dietary concerns or differences will also be acknowledged and accommodated.

Tickets to group meeting place

Group meeting place
Yukon, Erik Nielsen Whitehorse Airport
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Weather during the tour

Weather conditions along the route
You will get a weather forecast for this tour’s route based on
  • the forecasts for this season
  • the statistics from previous years’ trips

Tour conditions


  • 5 riding days;
  • 4 nights accommodation;
  • daily meals (breakfast and dinner); 
  • instructions and guides;
  • all camping equipment;
  • horse equipment;
  • horses; 
  • tack; 
  • first aid.


  • international flights to and from Canada; 
  • airport transfers (we can meet you for $100 both ways);
  • personal travel insurance (we encourage clients to obtain relevant travel insurance before joining the trip. Insurance is not obligatory, however, tourists will have to sign a waiver before a trip

  • lunch (you should bring your own snacks for the trail);
  • sleeping bags;
  • thermarests;
  • backpacks;
  • extra clothing;
  • additional activities;
  • GST taxes, gratuities and personal expenses.

Group size

up to 3 tourists


5 days
4 nights

It's important to know

Personal equipment you need for the tour
  • rain gear (good quality), (2 pieces) coat and pants;
  • a good hat: baseball cap, cowboy hat, water proof hat; 
  • good boots: water proof, breathable, as well as camp shoes ex. crocs;
  • 2 pair of good outdoor bush pants, long johns in case it gets cold and to give you an extra layer; 
  • 2 good outdoor marina wool shirts, (long sleeve) not cotton (cotton kills) also a good fleece sweat shirt for over layer;
  • a few good pairs of wool socks;
  • gloves (waterproof is best);
  • personal backpack;
  • rechargeable headlamp;
  • sleeping bag rated to -10 Celsius and a lightweight Thermarest;
  • good book;
  • favourite unbreakable cup. 
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Tour reviews

Based on 1 review
  • G
    16 Aug, 2023
    about tour
    I've known Deb Wild for more than 17 years. If there is one person that I would want to be back in the back country with, it would Her. Her knowledge of horses and the bush is more than could be taught and shown in a pack trip! The real life stories will be endless; like her energy. If you do get the chance I would highly recommend any horse or pack trip with Deb.
    16 Aug, 2023

Dates and Prices

  • from US$ 1 844
    18 – 22 Jul 5 days 4 nights
  • from US$ 1 844
    4 – 8 Sep 5 days 4 nights
  • from US$ 1 844
    11 – 15 Sep 5 days 4 nights
  • from US$ 1 844
    18 – 22 Sep 5 days 4 nights

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