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Wine, Dine, and Explore in Pueblo Éden

5.0 (5)
7 days 6 nights
Weight limit
85 kg / 187 lb

Nestled amidst the picturesque hills of southern Uruguay lies this adventure, a captivating blend of horseback exploration, delectable wines and culinary delights. 

Go on horseback journeys across the scenic countryside astride elegant Arabian horses trained for your riding pleasure. This tour provides varied paces, allowing you to enjoy the exhilarating sensation of the breeze rushing by. 

The accommodations have unique charm and craftsmanship. Delight your taste buds with meals spotlighting locally sourced, organic ingredients that celebrate the region's culinary heritage. Uruguay's renowned wine culture takes center stage, as visits to vineyards and wine tastings elevate your appreciation for fine vintages. Expertly paired with artisanal cheeses and olive oils, these wines promise a symphony of flavors to enchant your palate. From international fare to traditional Uruguayan dishes, dinners cater to every discerning palate, ensuring a culinary journey that satisfies all tastes.

US$ 3 300
per tourist for 7 days
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Photo Juan S.
Juan S. is the provider of this trip
The provider speaks: English
I am 53 years old, I graduated as a lawyer in 1996, but I decided to leave practice long ago. I am an entrepreneur in digital business. I have a web payments and text messaging company. I grew up between Montevideo and the Sierras de Aiguá in Maldonado, where I grew up riding horses and to learned to appreciate and love this type of landscape and nature. When the opportunity to take charge of a boutique hotel, in the middle of the Sierras of Pueblo Edén was presented to me, my vocation to serve and provide good service to people and the love for nature were combined and I did not hesitate to do it.

Tour highlights

Luxurious Stay
Overnight in beautiful and unique accommodations with a pool
Local Wine Tasting
We'll visit wineries and taste the famous local wines
Riding Adventures
Beach rides, stunning landscapes and swimming in a waterfall

Route details

Day 1

You will be picked up from Montevideo airport and transported to the ranch, which is approximately a 2-hour journey. 

Upon arrival, you'll settle into your own private cabin. 

Next, we'll assist you in choosing horses tailored to each rider's preference, followed by an introductory ride around the surrounding area. 

Later, we'll gather for a welcome cocktail. During dinner, you'll have the opportunity to meet the guide and review the itinerary for the trail ahead.

Meals: lunch and dinner

Day 2
First Long Ride
Day 3
To Viña Eden
Day 4
Viña Eden to Las Taperas
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Tour provider's comments

Western tack, Purebred Arabian horses.

Approximately 4-5 hours riding per day in walk, trot and canter.

Tailored for riders with intermediate to advanced skills. We require participants to possess a solid and balanced riding position, have undergone formal riding instruction to master fundamental horse riding techniques and demonstrate confidence and proficiency in controlling a lively horse across various terrains and paces, including extended periods of trotting and galloping. Riders should also be capable of mounting and dismounting without assistance. 

Except for the initial riding day which lasts 2-3 hours, subsequent rides span 3 to 5 hours with breaks for lunch (at least 1 hour) and sometimes additional rest stops. Horses are unsaddled during lunch breaks. After each break, riders lead their horses briefly to stretch both equine and rider muscles before resuming riding. The pace of the ride varies from moderate to brisk, allowing for energetic canters and gallops.

During particularly hot summer days, rides commence early in the morning and conclude by early afternoon to avoid the heat, with leisure time allocated for relaxation by the pool afterward. Ride pace is adjusted according to weather and terrain conditions, with slower speeds in hot, humid, or wet weather to ensure safety on slippery trails.

Our equipment, including high-quality American Western-style saddles, is meticulously maintained. Additionally, each rider is provided with a small saddlebag containing a water bottle and space for personal items and lunch on select days.

Advanced riders weighing up to 90 kilograms may be allowed based on their height. Providing your precise weight is crucial, regardless of whether you are near the weight limit, to ensure the well-being of our Arabian horses. Their size, slender build, the pace of our rides, the summer heat and the occasionally steep terrain all necessitate accurate weight information.



6 nights

Single supplement: +400 USD

6 nights
Our Boutique Hotel

Our Standard Cabins, situated in tranquil surroundings, provide a snug getaway featuring either a double or twin beds. Enjoy elegant bathrooms, dressing areas and amenities for your morning beverage. Private terraces overlook scenic views of the sierra and the pool. Guests enjoy free breakfast and access to our Club House and pool facilities.

The Club House, a marvel of wooden craftsmanship and coziness, boasts plush sofas, a grand fireplace, a well-stocked bar and a kitchen for delightful culinary adventures. Its expansive outdoor deck offers captivating vistas of a serene lake and the majestic sierras, setting the stage for relaxation and socializing.

To ensure a serene and comfortable environment for all guests, children are only accommodated in our Renovated Stable lodgings, while our houses and cabins are reserved exclusively for adult guests.

Tour conditions


  • accommodations;
  • all meals with soft drinks;
  • 5 riding days; 
  • wine and food tasting;
  • transfers from/to Montevideo Airport;
  • helmets.


  • flights; 
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • medical and travel insurance (mandatory);
  • tips.

Group size

up to 8 tourists


7 days
6 nights

It's important to know

Tell me about your horses

We've got 9 purebred Arab horses. They range from 6 to 18 years old. They live outside all year, but sometimes we bring them into the stables when the weather's rough. These horses are trained really well for riding long distances on trails. They're lively, energetic and they listen well. Plus, they're in great shape. Some of them are good for riders who are pretty decent, while others need someone more experienced. We try our best to pair up the right horse with the right rider.

Are non-riders welcome?
What kind of food will be served?
Cancellation of booking

Tour reviews

Based on 5 reviews
  • B
    15 Mar, 2024
    about provider
    Amazing location! We enjoyed riding and relaxing. Juan, Alejandro and Susana went above and beyond to make our experience exceptional. The personalized service was top-notch. We had an incredible time at this lovely spot. We definitely want to return and highly recommend visiting! Thank you for this unforgettable experience! 🙏🏼🤩😍
    15 Mar, 2024
    1 more photos
  • J
    10 Jan, 2024
    about provider
    What an amazing location! We enjoyed the presence of horses, starlit skies and picturesque countryside. Our room was cozy with comfortable beds and a good shower. The atmosphere was peaceful and secluded, with a charming private deck. The highlight of our stay was Juan, an exceptional host. He not only prepared delicious breakfasts and dinners, but also impressed us with his meticulous care and friendly personality. We are grateful for the wonderful experience!
    10 Jan, 2024
  • N
    24 Dec, 2023
    about provider
    Many individuals may never have the opportunity to witness the beauty of thousands of stars in the night sky or enjoy the tranquility of being away from city life for a couple of days. This place offers a peaceful retreat with a few cabins nestled in a picturesque hillside overlooking farmland, wooded areas & a pond. Located just an hour's drive north of Punta del Este, the journey to this serene haven is surrounded by scenic views of grazing animals. Upon arrival, we were warmly welcomed by the owner, Juan, who treated us like family. The rustic yet comfortable cabins are equipped with modern amenities, providing a cozy stay without televisions. The delicious breakfast served in the clubhouse included farm-fresh eggs, freshly baked bread, orange juice, coffee, yogurt & jams. You can enjoy horseback riding on the grounds with Juan, who also prepares delicious dinners tailored to your preferences. The desserts, served by the attentive facility foreman Alejandro, were equally delightful. Meeting Juan's family added to the welcoming atmosphere of the place. Overall, this hotel offers a memorable experience for families seeking a peaceful getaway.
    24 Dec, 2023

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