Swedish Lapland Holiday

5.0 (9)
0 days
Weight limit
90 kg / 198 lb

This short horseback riding getaway provides an opportunity to explore the finest attractions of Swedish Lapland, including stunning forest scenery, sparkling blue lakes, an overnight stay in a traditional Swedish cottage and meals cooked over an open flame. All while experiencing the four unique gaits of the Icelandic horse.

US$ 368
per tourist for 0 days
Departing from
Västerbotten, Skellefteå, Boliden
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Photo Floriane C.
Floriane C. is the provider of this trip
The provider speaks: English
I have always been fond of horses. I started riding in my home country, France, when I was 6 years old, and haven’t stopped ever since! My first job, when I was 16, was already with horses. I spent my summer holidays riding and taking care of the horses for a famous leisure park. For 5 years, I was also a volunteer rider for the night show there. After my studies I flew to Finland, where I found my calling in life: guiding. Indeed after accompanying a few groups for a hike or to observe bears in the wilderness, I came to like entertaining and making people discover the beauty of nature a lot. So it was time I realized one of my childhood dreams: working with sled dogs in Finnish Lapland. After a long winter season, it was time to realize another dream. Still guiding – this is definitely what I wanted to do – but this time in Iceland, with horses. In the South of the country, I discovered the Icelandic horse and all its characteristics. Then came North Iceland, where I was responsible for another horse riding tour stables.

Tour highlights

In the Wild
Overnight camping in the wilderness by a beautiful lake
Enjoy Local and Homemade Food
For every meal
Two Whole Days on Horseback
Prepare for an intensive riding holiday!

Route details

Day 1
Lapland Paradise

We meet at the farm. We give you the equipment you need (helmets, saddle bags…), then we saddle the horses together. After an introduction and a mini-course in the paddock, we can ride in the forest all day. In the woods, along the Skellefteå River, around fantastic lakes… our gentle horses take us to various peaceful places. Lunch in the forest on open fire.

In the evening we enjoy the camp: cuddles with the horses, swim in the lake, outdoor dinner… Overnight in a typical Swedish stuga.

Day 2
In the Land of Reindeer and Moose
Tour provider's comments

Basic riding skills and good physical condition.



Guest House
1 night

Check-in Time: 10:00

Check-out Time: 16:00

1 night
Swedish Stuga

Your primary lodging will be at the historic school building located in Svansele village. You will stay in a communal four-bed room furnished with two bunk beds, situated adjacent to the traditional fire oven known as the “bagarstuga” where locals bake bread. The bathroom facilities are housed in the main building of the old school, just a short 20-meter walk from your sleeping quarters (requiring a brief outdoor walk to access them). This same building is where breakfast and dinner will be provided.

Travel recommendations

Group meeting place
Västerbotten, Skellefteå, Boliden
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Tour conditions


  • 2 riding days;
  • guides;
  • accommodation;
  • all meals; 
  • helmets;
  • transport of the luggage to the cabin by car.


  • flights;
  • airport transfers;
  • alcoholic beverages.

Group size

up to 4 tourists


0 days

It's important to know

Tell me about your horses

1. Trú
Upon meeting this small mare in Iceland, I instantly developed a deep affection for her. Consequently, Trú has accompanied me to Sweden, where she joyfully embraced the forest surroundings. Independent and intelligent, she leads the herd.

2. Skuttull, also known as Skutte
Skutte became a part of our family just before our journey began. Coming from the region, he quickly felt at home in Svansele and greatly enjoys exploring new trails. Serene and playful, he makes a wonderful companion and has a hearty appetite.

3. Sædis
With her attentive and resolute nature, this blue-eyed mare always forges ahead.

4. Sólfari
The jester of the group, Sólfari is mischievous and affectionate, capturing the hearts of all who meet him.

5. Leó
Cool-headed and self-assured, this handsome gelding is proficient at his tasks.

6. Mána
A gentle mare with a reservoir of energy beneath her calm exterior.

7. Embla
Focused and robust, this mare with a kind heart is an ideal match for experienced riders.

8. Iðinn
Trú's offspring, born in July 2019, is a fluffy bundle of joy that is sure to win your heart.

Cancellation of booking

Tour reviews

Based on 9 reviews
  • K
    31 Mar, 2024
    about provider
    Excellent experience. The hosts are extremely welcoming. The scenery is stunning and tranquil. I would highly recommend it!
    31 Mar, 2024
  • L
    17 Mar, 2024
    about provider
    Incredible horseback rides with small groups, stunning scenery, welcoming guides and charming horses. We've created lasting memories ❤️🐴
    17 Mar, 2024
    1 more photos
  • P
    3 Mar, 2024
    about provider
    Everyone who participated in the experience was extremely happy and pleased with it. A perfect 10 out of 10 !!!
    3 Mar, 2024

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