Sami Mountain Trek in Swedish Lapland (Short Holiday)

3 days 2 nights
Weight limit
90 kg / 198 lb

This adventure lets you meet Icelandic horses, enjoy nature, gather around a campfire, learn about Sami culture and stay overnight in a traditional Sami tepee (lávvu). The main focus is on horseback riding, nature, weather and food, away from the stresses of everyday life. 

It's perfect for people who want to ride through mountains, take in stunning views and enjoy the peacefulness of a sparsely populated area. The route mainly goes through wild terrain or narrow trails. It's also for those who are willing to help with camping tasks and are ready to forgo luxury to fully embrace the natural environment.

US$ 773
per tourist for 3 days
Departing from
Norrbotten, Kiruna, Puoltsa
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Photo Kerstin N.
Kerstin N. is the provider of this trip
The provider speaks: English
An Icelandic horse rider who have had a tourist company for more than 25 years. I like to educate horses and riders and go on tours with them. Live on a farm in the really north of Sweden. Love nature, handicraft, animals.

Tour highlights

Overnight in Traditional Sami Home
Sleep in lávvu, a local tepee round the fireplace
Sweden Riding
Enjoy the Stunning Mountain Views
We will ride up in the mountains with great views, near the nature in an area where very few people are
Try the Local Exclusive Specialties
Indulge in authentic Swedish flavors cooked over open flames in the heart of nature

Route details

Day 1
Our First Ride

We meet in the morning on our farm for shared transportation to our starting point. To our farm you can come with bus or car.

We ride through the forest, over swamps and up to the bare mountain. You get a horse which suits you. 

We ride on the south side of the Kalix river and arrive to our overnight place in the afternoon. During the tour we have an extra horse carrying the food and other things, but everyone carries her/his own personal things in saddle-bags on the own horse.

Both nights we sleep in a Sami tepee (lávvu) where we sleep in sleeping bags round the fireplace. In the tepee we can make a fire if we want to.

It is good if you have some experience of camping. The food we cook together over a fire. The food is exclusive specialties from this area, for example reindeer meat and fish prepared in a traditional way. 

Sweden Riding
Sweden Horse Riding
Day 2
Mountain Trails
Day 3
Going Back
Tour provider's comments

3 whole days of riding. We ride about 15-25 km every day. Multiple years of riding experience is required, you can control a horse in open terrain and have a good physical health.

Breed: Icelandic

Tack: English



2 nights
2 nights
Lávvu (Sami Tepee)

We sleep in sleeping bags in tepees round the fireplace. In the tepee we can make a fire if we want to.

Travel recommendations

Group meeting place
Norrbotten, Kiruna, Puoltsa
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Tour conditions


  • 3 riding days;
  • accommodation;
  • full board;
  • riding equipment with helmets;
  • transport to/from starting point;
  • Swedish and English-speaking guide.


  • flights;
  • transfer from/to Kiruna;
  • extra accommodation;
  • extra meals.

Group size

up to 10 tourists


3 days
2 nights

It's important to know

Tell me about your farm

At present, we house approximately 25 Icelandic horses, some of which are privately owned. The farm also accommodates the stable cat, Lunar, along with two goats and dogs. During winter, the farm often sees a significant presence of moose. 

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