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Equestrian Connection (2 weeks)

5.0 (3)
15 days 14 nights
South Africa
Weight limit
90 kg / 198 lb

Stay a little longer and ride a lot more...

• Does being part of the day-to-day care of horses, riding along expansive beaches, blowing all your cares away, and reconnecting with yourself as a rider appeal to you?      
• Do you want an informal extended holiday relaxing and enjoying horses and riding, nature and rural seaside village life?
• Do you want to enjoy many of the benefits of being a trail guest at a greatly reduced rate?

Then our Equestrian Connection is for you!

Reconnect with yourself and escape from your everyday life for a while. Ride, eat, sleep, repeat and live like a local.
You can be involved with the horses as much or as little as you like, you take what you need and want from being with us.  If you just want to ride once or twice a day, that's okay; if you want to hang out and help out with the horses that’s great too!


US$ 1 371
per tourist for 15 days
Departing from
Kei Mouth, South Africa
Tour starts
Available dates
Number of individuals
up to 8 tourists over 18 years old
Only in the Horse Tours Club
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Photo Julie-Anne G.
Julie-Anne G. is the provider and guide of this trip
The provider speaks: English
Owner, responsible for organization and planning of horse trails, horse safaris and general stable management.

The tour guides you'll probably meet as well

Photo Jessica
Jessica has been riding with us since she was a little girl and joined our team in 2020. She is now one of our lead trail guides.
Photo Tertia
Tertia has been with us for over 8 years and is our senior lead trail guide.
Photo Melanie
Melanie has been with us for over 10 years and is the Operations Manager who looks after the day to day running of the yard and trail logistics.

Tour highlights

Equestrian Connection
Reconnect with yourself and escape from your everyday life for a while
Live Like a Local
Eat, sleep, ride, repeat and live like a local on the Wild Coast South Africa
Be Involved into a Horses Care
You can hang out and help out with the horse as much or as little as you like

Route details

Day 1

Take an international flight to Johannesburg. 
Then take an internal flight from Johannesburg to East London. 
We will book a transfer from the airport to Kei Mouth - this is payable in cash to the driver. 

Check in at our guest house situated on a quiet street in the village of Kei Mouth, about 2.5km from the horses. 

Day 2
Horses, Sunshine, Sand & Sea..
Day 3
Horses, Sunshine, Sand & Sea..
Day 4
Horses, Sunshine, Sand & Sea..
Day 5
Riding with Touch Workshop
Day 6
Horses, Sunshine, Sand & Sea..
Day 7
Horses, Sunshine, Sand & Sea..
Day 8
Horses, Sunshine, Sand & Sea..
Day 9
Horses, Sunshine, Sand & Sea..
Day 10
Horses, Sunshine, Sand & Sea..
Day 11
Horses, Sunshine, Sand & Sea..
Day 12
Horses, Sunshine, Sand & Sea..
Day 13
Horses, Sunshine, Sand & Sea..
Day 14
Horses, Sunshine, Sand & Sea..
Day 15
Tour provider's comments

This is a horse riding holiday, and guest should be comfortable in walk, trot & canter.
We have a lovely selection of horses that suit a wide range of riding ability from Novice level up.
Riding a horse does require a degree of natural fitness and balance.

Beginner riders can be accommodated and will be given basic riding lessons to get them comfortable and proficient in the saddle.


BEGINNER RIDER = someone who is comfortable in the saddle & can stay on a reliable well school horse.  They can post to the trot (go up and down) and may have cantered a few times. Beginners generally ride once or twice a year on holiday with their partner!

NOVICE RIDER = someone who is comfortable in the saddle & enjoys a reliable well schooled horse.  They generally ride at a riding school once or twice a month, or like to ride a friend’s horse on the farm.   They can post to trot comfortably and enjoy a nice controlled canter.

INTERMEDIATE RIDER = someone who rides regularly and enjoys a forward going well schooled horse.  They may or may not be a little nervous for the first little bit while they get to know their horse.  They can control their horse independently and is confident trotting and in controlled canters.

ADVANCED RIDER = someone who is comfortable on most horses in most situations.  They ride regularly and may or may not have their own horse. They have a good seat and gentle hands. They can ride in light seat, and can hold a strong horse in a fast canter.




Guest House
14 nights

Equestrian Connection riders stay at our guest house situated on a quiet street in the village of Kei Mouth, about 2.5km from the horses. The guest house is across the road from our home. It has 5 double rooms so that each of our riders has their own bedroom with en-suite bathroom. There is a sitting and dinning room and a large kitchen  with everything you need and space to store snacks and drinks etc.

BREAKFAST & DINNER is served at the guest house.  

• Breakfast – Muesli, yogurt, fruit, toast, preserves, cooked breakfast. Fruit Juice, tea & coffee.
• Lunch (not included in the rate) is self-catering at the house, pack a lunchbox or eat at a local pub and restaurant or purchase at the shop which is open from 7 to 5.30pm Mon-Sat and 2pm on Sundays.
• Dinner – local fare incorporating locally sourced game meat, chicken, deep sea fish served with salad or vegetables, plus a dessert. 
Drinks, cool drinks & alcoholic beverages are not included, and you are welcome to bring your own wine and refreshments to dinner.

• Kitchen – We supply a fruit bowl, sliced bread, preserves, some basic condiments, tea & coffee, milk and sugar.
• Water – local municipality water is drinkable most of the time. We have rainwater tanks that we prefer to use as drinking water.  Bottled water is available at the shop. Please bring a water bottle to use whilst out and when riding.
• Special diets/allergies - we live in rural Africa and we are unable to provide special food requests such as vegan/vegetarian premade off the shelf food items or gluten free breads and pastries. 
We do however always have plenty of fruit & vegetables and other whole food available to cater for your meals.

KEI MOUTH - Local Shops and Restaurants

Weekends – the perfect time to go out in the evenings for a meal & drinks and to socialize with locals.  
Kei Mouth is a small seasonal seaside village on the Wild Coast of South Africa.  It is very quiet out of season.  There is a small supermarket and bottle store that is well stocked with groceries. It has a deli and bakery.  Several pubs, reaturant and coffee shop are available near by the house.

14 nights
Our Guest House

Travel recommendations

Group meeting place
Kei Mouth, South Africa
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Tour conditions


  • daily horse-riding including schooling the trails horses, ground work, informal riding lessons, out rides and trails;
  • daily interaction with the horses (feeding, grooming, cleaning tack etc.) (only if you want to);
  • riding on the beach in Kei Mouth & Morgan Bay;
  • full day rides into the Transkei;
  • free WiFi available at the house;
  • breakfast served at the guest house;
  • home cooked dinners are served in the evening at about 7pm;
  • accommodation in a communal house, with your own bedroom and shared bathrooms;
  • laundry (wash & fold only);
  • lots of free time for the beach, exploring our wonderful countryside, socialising and generally having a good time!


  • international flights;
  • insurance;
  • transfer to/from the airport (we arrange it, payable in cash to the driver);
  • the ferry crossing over the Kei River (day rides into the Transkei);
  • lunch is self-catering at the house, pack a lunch box or eat at a local pub and restaurant or get something at the shop;
  • social evenings out in the village;
  • all meals at local restaurants and pubs;
  • drinks, refreshments, alcohol and other snacks;
  • gratuities for the house maids who clean the house, make your beds and do your laundry;
  • kayaking trips hosted by local guides;
  • abseiling at Morgan Bay hosted by local guides;
  • Township Tour hosted by local guides;
  • Inkwenkwezi - Big 5 Jeep Safari.

Group size

up to 8 tourists


15 days
14 nights

It's important to know

Personal equipment you need for the tour

• Jodhpurs or riding pants. (riding tights are best as they dry quickly and are cool to wear).
• Riding chaps or long boots (That you don’t mind getting wet in the sea!).
• Own hard hat.
• A water bottle.
• A bum bag is very useful for your phone and some money while riding.
• Shorts for walking and hiking.
• Walking shoes or boots to ride in, trainers for every day.
• Slip slops or sandals.
• A couple of light long sleeved shirts with collars to protect you from the sun whilst riding.
• Wide brim sun hat or peak to protect you from the sun.
• T-shirts and tops.
• Light long trousers. Jeans will do.
• Warm clothing - jerseys (jumper/fleece) to ride in and a nice one for the evenings!
• A good warm rain proof coat.
• Light weight rain jacket/wind breaker that can be tied to your saddle.
• Sun block. Factor 50 is recommended!
• Insect repellant!
• Swimming costume and beach towel.
• A torch (flashlight).
• 3 prong adapters for South Africa (available at OR Tambo Airport).
• Cell phone power bank.
• SA SIM card with airtime and data (available at OR Tambo Airport).
• Laptop/Tablet to watch Netflix or your own entertainment.
• Reading material.
• Any medication, and small first-aid travel kit.
• Other items of a personal nature.
• Enough cash to cover your drinks and spa treatments and other items of a personal nature. All hotels accept Master and Visa cards. (NO American Express). 
• There is an ATM at the local shop to draw cash. 
• There is no forex exchange available.
• It is customary to give staff a 10% gratuity for guiding and looking after you while on your riding holiday.
If we are not in riding gear, we tend to be in shorts and t-shirts during the day.  You will also keep a light rain coat and fleece in your day bag (because this is the Wild Coast and the weather can change very quickly!)  - and throw in your swim suit, just in case you feel like a quick dip in the sea! A cotton sarong to use as a towel is great to have and can be used for 101 different things, and it takes up less space than a towel.
INSECT REPELLENT & SUN SCREEN (we are a Malaria free area, but there are ticks and mosquitoes and the sun can burn even on overcast days) 
• NB! A valid credit card to cover any unforeseen emergency. This would be used to cover the unlikely event of you having to go to hospital if you have a bad fall from a horse. The hospitals in our area demand a deposit to be paid up front. You will be able to reclaim this amount from your travel insurance.

Can I work remotely while staying at your place?
Cancellation of booking

Tour reviews

Based on 3 reviews
  • J
    19 Sep, 2023
    about provider
    This was my second visit, and this time I opted for the mini beach trail with two friends. I was reunited with a small Arab mare who, despite being 20 years old, showed no signs of slowing down. Despite the wild and windy weather, the three long days in the saddle, along with short rides on arrival and departure days, were filled with fun and plenty of trots and canters wherever the terrain allowed. The highlights of the trip were the ferry crossing and the exhilarating beach gallop on pristine, firm sand at low tide. Tarika was like a bullet once we got the signal to go—I've never moved so fast! This experience is definitely recommended for experienced riders.
    19 Sep, 2023
  • T
    9 Jan, 2023
    about provider
    This ride is truly unforgettable! We opted for the Morgan Bay afternoon ride and were mesmerized by the stunning scenery of the Morgan Bay Cliffs, topped off with a thrilling canter on 'Golden Mile' beach, all within 2 hours. Our group of 5 was accompanied by 3 guides who exhibited kindness and professionalism, especially towards the less experienced riders, ensuring everyone felt confident and enjoyed the ride. Each horse in our group was remarkably well-behaved and obedient. I highly recommend booking an experience with them - my own was exceptional!
    9 Jan, 2023
  • P
    7 Jul, 2022
    about provider
    I just completed the 6-day Wild Coast Trail, and it was absolutely fantastic! The scenery and views were breathtaking, and our guide Tertia was both fun and knowledgeable. My horse Lizzie was a true gem—calm, relaxed, and incredibly surefooted, even on the most challenging terrain. Each day on the trail brought something new, from riding along beaches to traversing hills, gorges, and rivers. The riding was quite intense, with a mix of fast and long rides, so it's important to have sufficient horse riding experience for this trail. However, they also offer shorter rides along the beach for beginners. Huge thanks to Julie-Anne, Tertia, and Bianca for an unforgettable experience! - Patricia
    7 Jul, 2022

Dates and Prices

  • Any dates on request during the season
    1 Jan – 30 Nov
  • US$ 1 371
    8 – 22 Jan, 2025 15 days 14 nights
  • US$ 1 371
    5 – 19 Feb, 2025 15 days 14 nights
  • US$ 1 371
    11 – 25 Mar, 2025 15 days 14 nights
  • US$ 1 371
    15 – 29 Apr, 2025 15 days 14 nights
  • US$ 1 371
    20 May – 3 Jun, 2025 15 days 14 nights

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